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A recent post rejected by Reddit/r/news proves it.

The progressives control many of the largest subreddits. I'm not talking about r/BernieSanders or r/HillaryClinton. I expect subreddits like r/Liberal to be that way. But what about subreddits which should allow all view points?

Subreddits like r/news. Like r/politics.

I'm also not talking about downvotes. That can happen here on Steemit. In fact, this post might be downvoted by some. With good content, I'm actually hoping for followers and upvotes. Steemit is fairly liberal with rewarding people for good posts!

I'm talking about rejecting posts altogether. Want proof that it is happening? Take a look at this screen shot where a r/news admin admits to deleting a post with a link from the libertarian website,

Why was the post rejected? Fake news? Nope. Clickbait? Nah.

It was rejected simply because the moderator doesn't like

This is where Steemit is different and so refreshing.

We actually believe in free speech.

On Steemit, you can post the most outlandish political opinions. You will probably even be paid for doing so. Beyond politics, you can post just about anything here. However, realize that if you post something hateful, racist for example, you are likely to be downvoted into oblivion. At Steemit, we don't tolerate haters very well. We believe in #FreeSpeech. You can say it and we boo you or cheer you. Either way, you have been given a platform.


My name is Rich and I'm a Libertarian.

You can find me on the Libertarian Chat Channel. I'm working on a production called the LIS, or Libertarian Interview Series. It's going to be a series of written format interviews with the top Libertarians and Anarchists on Steemit. If you would like to be a part of it, either to be interviewed or offer help, just message me here.


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I was just talking to a co-worker yesterday about Steemit. He had never heard of this place, and he asked if it was like Reddit. I said, "Well, sorta, but there's no censorship. It is one of Steemit's objectives to put that place out of business too." I shut down both Google+ and FaceBook, and I was never on Reddit. Those sites are just like Snopes and Wiki. They are used to control content and program people. No thanks!

Steemit ftw all the way.
Never tried reddit but i'm in love with steemit since the first day.

well well well,the world is fighting back. Censorship of any form should really not be tolerated.

I understand that reddit has their rules and all, but in a place where every type and sundry is welcomed, censorship should really be happening right?

Basically, "We reject articles because they don't say what we say, and we are so closed-minded we couldn't be bothered with actually thinking about things from a different point of view for a change." Something close to that?