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I absolutely believe in the right of free speech.

I have no qualifiers when it comes to the right of free speech. As Ron Paul said,

"We don't have the freedom of speech to talk about the weather. We have the first amendment so we can say some very controversial things."

For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.

That certainly applies in physics, but what about with speech? Sometimes speech hurts another's feelings and that may be inevitable. However, using our freedom of speech doesn't always have to be hurtful. When we purposefully abuse our freedom of speech and use it in the wrong way, we are destined to have others oppose our right to free speech.

Libertarians like to make points, but humans care about emotions.

Like it or not, humans are more likely to change their position on an issue if they feel it is the right thing to do. We can point out the science, metaphysics, or philosophy behind our position, but if we miss out on the emotional piece, we will likely not bring others to our side. Those of us who are in a serious relationship know that we can win an argument and still be wrong.

Say it with love.

If there is one thing that Libertarians and Anarchists need to figure out, it's how to convey our message of freedom with love. Whatever issue you are discussing, if it appears as though you don't care about other people it will be poorly received. We need to do a better job of showing how we care before others will listen to how we will do it. ProLife Libertarians


My name is Rich and I'm a Libertarian.

You can find me on the Libertarian Chat Channel and now on the Discord Unmentionables server. I'm working on a production called the LIS, or Libertarian Interview Series. It's going to be a series of written format interviews with the top Libertarians and Anarchists on Steemit. If you would like to be a part of it, either to be interviewed or offer help, just message me here.

Rich Hersey Steemit Libertarian


Absolutely! I used to argue with people constantly using derogatory language, and it only alienated me from my intended audience.

Talk down to someone, and you can gurantee they will never hear your message. Even if you deliver it with compassion and love, there's a strong chance they still won't listen. But there's a better chance than using derision and insulting others for not seeing it that way.

Good post, thanks.

An excellent argument.

As a minarchist, I am farther to the Statist view than y'all, but I have turned off on argument presented from some (not all) Libertarians and Anarchists due to the way the discussion was presented.

Calling folks sheeple does not convince them of anything ;>

And of course, I fall prey to these same impulses in my own messaging.

Presenting your argument in terms your audience will accept is important in #informationwar, and presenting the basis for Libertarians and Anarchist views is Information War against statist Narrative.

Yeah, sheeple doesn't help. It's the libertarian "Nazi" or "libtard".

it's easy to lose your temper with folks that see basic concepts differently, and especially when they use that view to restrict your liberty

Correct. I decided to let them to do the yelling.

Yes, very unfortunate since the term can have real use value.

This message is one for me as much as it is for others. Thanks for your comment, @stevecoins.

As the political world has become nothing but two uninformed sides screaming at each other, I believe libertarians need to hit the brakes on loudly telling people their views are wrong. At one time we were the lone voice screaming about politics to our friends and family. An now we are on the other end (well in my experience anyway).

Everyday I have to listen to people lecture me about politics, even though no reading was done, and they were silent for the last 8 years.

So I have disconnected from the everyday discussion, which is just emotionally driven. I instead have decided to do a weekly podcast of the stories I find interesting, and to wait for someone to come to me for my opinion.

This has given me more of an "oracle" status among my friends. As they now seem to realize that they are arguing about politics on a daily basis, they might actually want to learn a thing or two.

What is the name of your podcast?

The Voluntary Exchange Podcast. I post it here and it's on ITunes. It's not good or anything, but it has become my weekly outlet instead of spamming my friends and family's Facebook walls. Now, I have a flooded Facebook wall. I'm choosing not to add to the mindless noise.

Hey do you also do a podcast on programming? I could be wrong... probably I am, but I think I recognize your voice! =)

Nope. I barely can use the software to upload this podcast.

Hah that's funny... :p I was so sure you were the same guy initially. But after listening a little more to you, I realized there were some differences in pitch and so forth. Seems like a cool podcast. I'll give it a listen again soon.

There was a political debate in my area of the building yesterday. I walked into it after it started. Some dude was sitting in my chair, so I could not easily go back to work and ignore the discussion. It was the usual banter. "This is messed up." "It's all a scam (the election system)." "Nothing changes."

At the end of them all complaining and bitching, I simply and quietly said, "It isn't supposed to work. It's meant to give an illusion of power and to keep people divided and easily controlled."

The response? They looked at me like I was an alien from another planet with three heads. I was crazy talking crazy talk. As soon as I said something, I immediately regretted it. Most people don't want the truth. They just want to repeat what the MSM tells them.

It depends. That's how life is, right? There's so much gray area. To me at least, it depends on the topic. For example, I have every right to burn my own flag since it is my property. I should be able to do that too without the risk of a violent attack by a flag worshiper. A person's hurt feelings do not justify violence.

I do not argue with people anymore over liberty. On Google+ the debates would get really heated and go on for 500 comment threads (that's when they would lock automatically). It didn't do much good though. Those people against individual liberty stayed against it. Those of us for it were wasting out time.

These days I simply further the message and live by it. Anyone paying attention will see my good example, hopefully, and then they can ask me about my beliefs and objectives as they are ready. I'm not going to force anything on them--not even my beliefs. If I refuse to stand for the anthem though, they had better leave me alone.

Yesterday I pointed out the image of the Nazi crowd with the one guy refusing to do the salute. That meme is "Be that guy." Well, what happened to that idea? It was okay for him to resist blind nationalism, but it is not okay for people here to do the same? There's plenty to protest about these days too.

All is not right, and people need to resist, protest, and do everything they can now. If they do not, worse things are coming. I'd love to keep everything peaceful and loving, but at some point a line in stone will be crossed.

Sometimes speech hurts another's feelings and that may be inevitable. However, using our freedom of speech doesn't always have to be hurtful. When we purposefully abuse our freedom of speech and use it in the wrong way, we are destined to have others oppose our right to free speech.

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Perfectly expressed especially for this day in age...

Free speech is free speech. What the conservative and progressive snowflakes don't understand is that speech might make you upset. Free speech doesn't mean free from MUH FEELINGS!

Amazing post @richhersey. upvoted

I totally agree, love and humour are the best ways to get someone's attention. I've tried the shouting from the rooftops and people usually don't want to know!

If you have an important message then finding an emotional connection is the best way, so much so that advertisers use in commercials!!

Thanks for your post, followed & upvoted.

Thanks, Michelle!

You're welcome! :)

I absolutely agree with you, approaching a hard conversation from the angle of love and conveying the emotional aspects is far more likely to get a positive response. A good place to practise if you are a parent is your children by seeing how much a caring conversation, rather than shouting, one can reach a resolution and agreement sooner. I am not of master of this yet, as I'm only human lol

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