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I’ve attended all the Anarchapulco events. I liked the first one so much, I never left! This will be my fourth and I’m looking forward to many more. For those of you coming in February… you are in for a real treat!

Here’s some of the keys to making the most of Anarchapulco: (I’m hoping to encourage some of my fellow community members who have attended past events to contribute their feelings on keys to enjoying the event in the comments below)

  1. Every time you or someone else is hungry it’s an opportunity to get to know them better! Every meal is an opportunity to explore the ideas of the people that surround you here. If you eat three times a day you may want to consider eating more smaller meals so you can take the opportunity to invite people that intrigue you (and may have just met) to a sit down… (you can pretty much throw a stick and hit someone like that with this group).

  2. Stick around the hotel. It’s a big place with many cubby-holes that during the event will be filled with interesting people having interesting conversations.

  3. If you want to meet someone, don’t be afraid to say “Hello!”. But when approaching them, don’t forget to include a compliment. Most of us are coming from societies that fear, rage, triumph and self-abasement are the predominant emotions. With that in mind, let's take a break from that and be pleasant.

  4. Smile more! You’ve made it to a place where hundreds of people share your realization that there is a better way!

  5. If you can swing it, come early and stay late.

  6. If you hear someone gossiping, be sure to remind them to take it to the source. The system has conditioned most of us to fear direct discussion about difficult and meaningful conversations. Remind people to let go of those limitations. Encourage others to have those meaningful conversations!

  7. Be the entrepreneur! If you notice something people are complaining about or notice an opportunity to provide something others would really like. Take charge and do something about it.

  8. Be observant of the schedule of events. It’s a real bummer to miss someone you really wanted to see speak.

  9. If there’s an opportunity to ask questions… ask! Be prepared to ask as well. This is how Anarchy thrives... don't be afraid to participate!

  10. You’ll probably see a great deal of the “Chief Cat Herder”, Nathan Freeman around the event. As someone who knows him better than most I will attest to his genius. He is! But I will caution people that he has a lot going on during the conference and if he doesn’t have a smile on his face, that probably means he’s working on something important. So, out of respect I’d simply ask everyone to be observant of interrupting him.

These are some simple suggestions to making the most of your time at Anarchapulco. I'm sure there are many more great suggestions which I would encourage people to contribute. So... please do!

We host what I've been told is one of the best events during Anarachapulco. The Unofficial Anarachapulco Party. Which has become so popular we needed to issue tickets to not overwhelm the venue. It will probably be overtaken this year by Nathan and Lisa’s Wedding Reception but I’m suggesting it will still be plenty of fun. 2017 was a rough year for us but it ended well and I’m very happy and looking forward to celebrating with some of the finest people in the world.

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SO Excited! Never been out of America. Passport ordered!
Need to see if I can debunk the main stream media saying Mexico is so dangerous! Maybe I like dangerous! lol This event is going to be epic!

Not sure if you've seen it yet, but Jeff did a really awesome debunking of the whole "fear Mexico" thing a while back, check this out if you get a minute:

This will be my 1st Anarchapulco. I tried to get to all the previous ones but through lack of health, lack of this and lack of that I never managed to get my shit together. This year I roped in my sister and she arranged everything, so Anarchapulco here we come. Thanks, Sis.

I was in the same boat, but I'm also a procrastinator so I never ordered my damn tickets in time. Congrats on being able to come and see ya there @robbieretard! :)

I'd love to be there. Maybe it's an irrational fear, and maybe someone can put my mind at ease, but I am uncomfortable with so many freedom loving people in one place. What about the people who hate freedom?

I have the same feeling, every single rotten egg in one place including Ron Paul and Edwards G Griffin. What an opportunity to take care of the problem in one foul sweep. I guess if I'm going to die I may as well go out in the best of company.

Laugh my ass off

I wouldn't be too worried. One of the main control mechanisms is fear and I think the real beauty of Acapulco is being able to come to terms with that. This is one of those places you can say "No!" to the authorities... and they listen!

Travel advisory just released by State Department for Guerrero. Be careful...

It's actually a good thing. With the current advisory, US govt officials and employees are forbidden from entering Guerrero. It's a subtle blessing!

Just spreading fear...

The US government doen't want you to visit Mexico because they know that if people visit they might want to retire here and spend their social security checks and retirement money here instead of the US. They need your money to keep the ponzi alive and well. I'm living here now in Guanajuato and intend to make Mexico my second home. I've only had one incident in about 20 trips traveling all over Mexico and it involved a teenager trying to steal my girlfriends backpack. He was a kid trying to grab and run. That kind of thing happens everyplace in the world not only Mexico. I've had way more dangerous incidents happen to me in the US. Travel to Mexico, you will love it. Learn some Spanish as it will enrich your life.

Thanks Mike,

I Cant wait to hear Ron Paul speak live WOW! steemit - fantastic.gif

I found meeting people last year the most memorable.

me too ;-)

Are you coming in Feb to the Conference?
When do you get here?
Let me know.
Be well.... :)

Each one teach one, it's the crypto way! #pioneers

Already got tickets, flight and room booked. This will be my first time at Anarchopulco. My wife asked me what I wanted to do for my birthday and I said I wanted to be with my people. LOL!
Can’t wait. So many great speakers this year!

I feel the same!

I may see you there Zapster, I am all booked too.

Same here Zapster

Exactly, you will make new friends and you will not feel so alone after you attend. It will give you a perspective of what the world could be and how we can make it happen now.

Great tips Mike and thank you for taking the time to write this post.

I'm going for the first time and I am really looking forward to it.

I'm sure you will enjoy it so much you will return to Anarchapulco again and again and maybe try venturing out and tasting some of the colorful Mexican culture and scenery. It is a beautiful place and the people are some of the friendliest in the world.

I'm headed to Anarchapulco for the first time this year. Really excited, but it's not been easy to gather a lot of info, thanks for the post!

Great! It's going to be awesome!

Very useful pos.thanks for [email protected]

My pleasure!

Hi I am following to u and your articles are very interesting good going best of luck to you. I am new to steemit follow me and upvote me.

I have just followed you. Kindly follow back. Thanks for this great article.

How do I apply for the unofficial party?

As I said, we've gone to tickets. It's going to be a very valuable item this year with all the people coming. Those that live here get tickets, the speakers get tickets, some of our friends that have been here in years past get some and whatever is left over we may just auction off by donation to cover the costs and support our local charities.


I can't stand that I'm missing the great Dr. Ron Paul but, 2019 is our year. Our family will leave for the event & never come back to Texas. We're (our family) all working hard to make that goal a reality.

Sorry to hear but we'll be looking forward to 2019 next! Remember, come early!

Put a candel in the window, thanks.

Congrats on making plans to leave the USSA.

This is the best post on Steemit. I gave you a vote now, ya heard?

I'll be there! :)


the line ''Every meal is an opportunity to explore the ideas of the people that surround you here'' did hit my soul. wow man so deep words. my motivation for day. thanks you

Great! I'm glad you found some motivation from it.

This is the best post on Steemit. I gave you a vote now, ya heard?

Thanks man! Appreciate the love!

I hope it is a great year, you feel :)


If my crypto's blow up this year like they have been I will be able to go next year and all of them after.

I do hope so as well! We'll all be better off most likely!

I'll be there! I am so looking forward to it!!

It is a beautiful idea.....I like your pist...


Solid suggestions @mikeonfire, 6-8 especially stand out.

Maybe one of these years... Have a good one and raise a glass to #r3VOLution

Thanks! It's going to keep growing so, the sooner the better! Cheers!

We will be attending
Can’t wait to meet a lot of great like minded people

Thanks so much for this Mike. Great way to build my anticipation. Looking forward to being there as a first timer. Will look out for you.

Upvoted and resteemed!


Thanks for the tips! I really wanted to make it this year but alas, life and stuff. Keep us updated when you're out there!

I'm always here 365!

feel same.
upvote and follow you

I'd like to add one suggestion of things to do while at Anarchapulco. Be sure and visit the main part of Acacpulco and see the beautiful bay and spend time walking the beaches there and spend some time on the Costera, the main street that runs through the city. The Princess Hotel and the beach in front is beautiful, but you should get a feel for what Mexico is like by venturing away from the resort and see what life is like for the people that live there. Take a collectivo and a bus to get from place to place. Also, don't miss the famous cliff divers. It is fantastic and the scenery is beautiful. You can watch them from a restaurant that overlooks the cliffs and the restaurant has delicious food, even vegan options. Acapulco is sort of anarchy in use in the daily lives of the people there. If possible, stay longer than the conference and take a bus to Taxco or Zihuatanejo for a day or two to see an example of the many beautiful and charming cities that are in Mexico. I've traveled throughout Mexico extensively and have fallen in love with the land surrounded by those artificial boundaries we call Mexico. Hope to meet all you new visitors and would love to show you the sites if you feel uncomfortable doing it alone. My sister is coming from Santa Rosa and will be hanging with me. It is my 4th and her 2nd Anarchapulco. She has been an anarchist in principle all her life, 74 years, and when she attended the conference last year, she was blown away by what she saw. So be sure and enjoy Mexico while you are attending the conference and get away from that resort area and enrich your life. Hope to meet you all!

What does #9 mean?

  1. If there’s an opportunity to ask questions… ask! Be prepared to ask as well. This is how Anarchy thrives... don't be afraid to participate!

'Ask, be prepared to ask as well...'
Maybe be prepared to answer as well?

Can't wait to get there.
Thanks for all the tips buddy. Hope to see you there. :)

Thanks for the advise:) I booked this trip on a whim when my brother mentioned he was interested attending ! I looked up the info and bought my tickets ... Anarchapulco here I come!

Thanks for the good advice, and may everything go well for you.