"Yucky" Freedom

in anarchy •  6 months ago

There are still misguided people who point to unpleasant, distasteful, or just less-than-ideal economic situations, and want to blame them on FREEDOM, and want to solve them by way of "government" violence.

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To the statist, there's a government non-solution to every problem. One of the most important practical points you raise (since logic and morality don't seem to be compelling enough for some) is that it's not our slavery that makes us prosperous, but the fact that our slavery is less severe (our "relative freedom"). The causation fallacy of "government, therefore prosperity" is one of the biggest intellectual hurdles facing the modern abolitionist movement.


I think the statist just puts faith in the government solution, because it’s easy to just say, “hey I’ll turn this problem over to ‘them’ because I don’t have the desire, or the imagination, to fix that problem myself.”


Absolutely. We're just trained since birth to think this is appropriate. Mentioning the idea of a person having to defend themselves and their own neighborhood with a firearm is unthinkable to many people. They'd be utterly mortified by the mere mention of it. Just think of how insane that is... the fundamental reality of having to protect your family and your general area from threats is actually taboo amongst one of the species of this planet. A fascinating phenomenon worthy of extra-terrestrial scientific inquiry.

Incidentally, here is the article I mention in the video:



You know your money's broken when hookers don't ask for cash.


LOL, do they accept STEEM yet?

It's good to see you on DTube Larken.

Larken when I read your book “The Most Dangerous Superstition” it changed my beliefs about government. Thanks for what you do! Glad I just came across you on Steemit. Following now of course!

There are only two means by which men can deal with one another: guns or logic. Force or persuasion. Those who know that they cannot win by means of logic, have always resorted to guns. ~ Ayn Rand

Everyone actually contributes to creating ekonnomi good condition, so no need to blame anyone, but that is more responsible for the good economic situation is the government. freedom from the bad economic situation is in our own hands despite the invisible hand that governs it.