Voting: Same Old Shell Game

in anarchy •  last month

Tomorrow is election day. Be sure to go waste your time on something that is provably futile and counter-productive!

(I made this as a Facebook Live video, so pardon the crumby video and audio quality.)

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At least here in Wisconsin we get to vote on legalizing marijuana.


And to add. Tomorrow is my birthday.


We voted on that twice in Arizona and congress overturned the popular vote TWICE. Good luck to you guys!

I love your honesty! The fervor surrounding these elections always cracks me up. Go Vote..Because Mmmmerica! It won't change anything but if it makes people feel better about themselves well then, it's better than crack I guess. Hahaha. :)

I'll be casting my ballot for bitcoin.

I am never fucking voting, the Libertarian Party (LP!) is untrustworthy in my opinion, Kokesh is the fraud that proves that! This is a great video, I'll share it with a couple of statists! :D

From now on, when people say "Vote!" or "You should vote." Or anything about them voting. I'm just going to say,

"You're brainwashed."

Congratulations you just proved that we don't have a democracy by the people.

Of course it's 2 faces of the establishment, it's not left vs right.

My favorite time in history was the Gilded age, that was dominated by the new Republican Party, which claimed success in saving the Union, abolishing slavery and enfranchising the freedmen, while adopting many Whiggish modernization programs such as national banks, railroads, high tariffs, homesteads, social spending (such as on greater Civil War veteran pension funding), and aid to land grant colleges.

If a majority of people not voting delegitimized government, it would have happed before I was born.