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International Laws Broken Daily By NATO & co.

in anarchy •  3 years ago

taking 2 pro russian sources to prove a ridiculous point obviously. The syrian government is responsible for the direct death of over 400 000 syrians with their barril bomb. Their baril bombs costs them 150$ to fabricate so you can guess they have as many as they want. Iran the worst of radical islam, a country that has executed over 1000 person last year , a country that is known to be hold the biggest execution ratio in the world. Hanging people out in public, in front of children but hey when its an ally of assad its all good right? Let's talk about hezzbollah a terrorist underdog paid by iran, hiring young children as soon as they reach 11 years of age, raping women, killing anyone who stand or talk against their sugar daddy iran, going against the will of the lebanon people but hey let's ignore that right? Russia a country that has been killed hundreds of civilian classifying them as collateral damage, a country that has been invaded 20% of georgia for the past 8 years, a country that basically invaded ukraine AGAINST THE WILL OF ukrainians but hey guess what? you won't see that on the pro russian propaganda website you know why? because stands for the russian times and the russian times is funded by GUESS WHO? vladimir putin him self. As a syrian my self I can only feel disapointed seeing people supporting a murderous regime that has done nothing good for syria since his 3 staged elections. If you believe a president would gather 99.99% of the votes in an election then you are brainwashed just as brainwashed as the people believing in fair elections in russia. I don't think youve seen the video proving how putin rigged his parliament election did you? I doubt it but if you did i"d like to have your stance on these rigged election of the so called " democratically elected parties"

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I actually have many friends who live in Syria, and they tell a very different tale than you. Your story sounds more like one that the tv tells everyone here in the west. Look back in my blog to find the 5 interviews between myself and friends living in Damascus.