Is the European Union Doomed to Fail?

in #anarchy5 years ago

After Trump's victory for the populists in the US, the Leave vote here in the UK and the re-vote going on in Austria, I took a look at the polling data for elections in EU member states in the next couple of years, all I can say is that it certainly isn't looking good for Mr Juncker.


Having these large blocks of countries joined together through economic or defensive means is antuquainted, and harks back to time long since past. It was once seen as modern and progressive to unify and centralise countries into 'Nation States', thankfully it seems the Europe is waking up to the fact that over centralisation of everything does not work and the people are rejecting it

well lets hope so ! the EU is a disgusting technocratic tyranny which needs to be taken down and that we return to the sovereign independent nations control of their products laws and culture.

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