The Man Who Founded The World's First Voluntaryist Nation! - Vít Jedlička on Liberland

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In this video, I sit down with Vít Jedlička, the President of The Free Republic of Liberland to talk about why he started the world's first voluntaryist micro-nation. The country is situated between Serbia and Croatia.

Vit talks about his anarcho-capitalist national flag, complete with a yellow and black design. He tells people how to immigrate to the country and the influx of immigration he's seen in recent days.

The country is also home to voluntary taxes (or donations) which fund infrastructure free of extortion.

Vit insists he will be the last president of Liberland.

An image of Vit and I at the Acapulco Airport in March.

The country accepts Bitcoin and is quickly developing its free monetary system. Vit admits that the country is bringing in banks for insurance reasons and that it may seem like a step back, but as a matter of fact, it allows for further development due to the tight restrictions in place for insurance companies to insure projects and individuals.

He also laughs off the notion of violent military aggression against the country when it comes to defense as it would be equivalent to Hitler targeting Liechtenstein during World War 2, it would be pointless.

The UN does not recognize Liberland, but that's hardly a bad thing. While Vit does want to open the door for communication with the UN, he is not actively seeking acknowledgement which is certainly a good sign.

Liberland can be visited via Air Liberland in Serbia, close to the border of Serbia and Liberland.

Finally, Vit talks about what he sees as the future of Liberland.

Let's face it, it's not every day that a man goes out and starts an anarcho-capitalist nation. Because of him, there's actually a place to go in this massive world to live freely outside the coercion and extortion of the state.

See the FULL video interview here:

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Interesting idea but wouldn't the bankers and the bad guys try to mess this up?


That was the first thing that came to my mind. Sadly one can't help but have draconian thoughts after seeing all the patterns. I wish them the best though and hopefully they will never be bothered.


When they become a threat then they will be bothered. How many have fallen just trying to expose the clintons

I am from Serbia and I've witnessed this from the very beginning. Interesting to see how it played out. There where a lot of problems with customs officers, they didn't want to let people pass to the Liberland , but its now a name well heard of.


Oh great, so we're all sorted. I'm off to live in Liberland. I'm launching Liberlands 1st online business


I hope I will live next to you my friend. I just applied for an application to this wonderful land.


O'dear this report does not sound too good
After listening to the interview the headline was very misleading, all is good with project Liberland and it seems there is great interest in it or maybe our president is just an excellent liar.

Is this really the first nation like this, I have been hearing about things like this from back in the 1970's and I think nations like this existed long before that.


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I need to escape again soon so I am looking for a new country as I'm on the run from all the rest. I am applying for membership right now. Citizenship application of Free Republic of Liberland


Good luck!


Thanks, I feel my luck is about to change any moment.

Interesting that I find this just as I'm preparing to go to Eastern Europe.... I think I might have to check it out while I'm there.


I certainly think it's worth it! I'd definitely like to check it out myself! Just enter through Serbia! :)

I would love to see it succeed. I wish we had a freestate style locale in Canada. I know they began one in PEI but I have not heard anything coming of it.


Being up against a socialist government slowly but surely turning to pure communism, it's not easy here in Canada, but that's why we still have a lot of work ahead of us. haha ;)


I do my part to try to open people's eyes, but it is a small drop in the bucket. I find the hardest people to get through to are government employees, and people who have government dependancies. With the latter, I seldom am able to get past the superficial base concepts. It seems that the worse our Canadian situation gets, the more people cling to the need for the very thing that is making things worse in the first place. Has it gone too far? Are we in for a melt down?

Upvoted. Awesome work the both of you.


Thank you! :)

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In my opinion this may be good but I fear that it lacks the transcendence it needs to have the least amount of flaws. The reason being that you still have and need police for security. Thankfully they aren't looking for the recognition of the global organized crime syndicate (UN) and aren't concerned with having a military. This is really good and yet it is risky.

If you ask me, this could be made better if within the country you had a community that was looking to build the principles and philosophy of the country and looking to not just provide security but to make it obsolete. This is a challenge we can embrace at this time and age. We have all grown up to realize that wars were all based on lies, it is not our nature to build these systems of domination, control, and violence which we have only allowed to be created. As we are entertained, more laws are created only to restrict and limit freedom each time a little further. Innocent people and children get killed while we sit in the comfort our governments entrap us with. Everything is sugar coated so that people will pretend nothing is happening around the world. If you had a small community that was dedicated to build the philosophical foundations and principles of the country that went to the core root of why we need security rather than treat the symptoms that are caused by whatever threats, then you might think about teaching empathy and societal values to children rather than things they might never need to learn that only serve to occupy the mind and fill its memory. If children are raised in such a way that they have made respect, integrity and empathy part of their person then perhaps you would reduce crime greatly. If they were taught to see the needs of others rather than only their needs, they would probably be willing to help people in need. Also if you transcend the need of money you will eliminate all the incentives for crime, so removing money from the equation would be a huge headstart into a better community. If we keep thinking about fortifying material structures of reality rather than fortifying the spirit of a nation or community then we will be vulnerable to the experts of perpetuating material structures. So ideas such as Liberland are nice, perhaps they might even serve as a platform for this idea of transcending the material side and seeking a more spiritual community, but I think unless you consider removing money from the equation you are only being very partial. But in my opinion Liberland deserves the right to experiment as they will, as well as everyone reading deserve the liberty and freedom they need to experiment how ever they will. In the end we will learn from experimentation and hopefully from our learning we will make progress in the right direction.


I think Liberland could well be a huge success if you can get a load of like minded people together, crime does not come into it.

People working together for the good of many rather than the good of one. I do not see how it would not work. NO RIFF RAFF NO LLF"S allowed.

What a wonderful country it could be.


Wow I've been to Serbia and this sounds 1,000,000X better!! I want to visit (:

I really liked the post! Let's see the next steps!

Tremen2 los 2

Wooow.. Interesting info, amazing, good job.
thanks for sharing!!!!

Very interesting, I'm curious to see how this nation will go forward. I wish that it continues to work and that this model will spread worldwide.

I am also a volunteer and I love that man!!

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I'm from Croatia, I thought Croatian government fucked this up. Pretty sure there was some small military intervention against Liberland. Going to check that. He didn't mention it, hope I'm wrong about it.

(This is new interview?)


Oh Shit, I have packed up my house and am on the road to Liberland. When I get there and I find there has been military intervention I'm getting right on to president Jedlička. I just hope he has not been put in front of a firing squad.


Just in case, come by tank :)

Upvoted, you deserve it.

Very nice! I may even drop by and say hi :)
Upvoted and Resteemed :)

Fascinating. However, staying under the radar is literally the only reason it will continue to exist. The instant Liberland becomes big enough to notice, it becomes too big to (be permitted to) survive.

I would move imitatively!

THIS is being proactive! Amaze balls

muy buen pos. saludos

So what happened to the people who lived in Liberland but who didnt want to live a voluntarylist life style ? Im thinking mainly about people sooking on the government titty.