"Religion" Of Libertarianism DEBUNKED! - Matt Lieb of AJ+ & Newsbroke DESTROYED By Josh Sigurdson!

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In this video, I rip apart the arguments made by the (for some reason) popular Matt Lieb of AJ+ and Newsbroke who a few months ago released a terrible video called "The Religion Of Libertarianism".

The video was filled with strawmen, assumptions, lack of context and fear mongering. There were literally no accurate arguments made. Lieb clearly has absolutely no idea what libertarianism is.

Now let's face it, there are several different definitions, but comparing the ideology itself to the U.S. Libertarian Party is a huge fail, which Matt Lieb did to exhaust.

We look at libertarianism in this video from a voluntaryist perspective.

It's hilarious to see someone claim that believing in freedom and individual demand is the same thing as religion, while at the same time Matt believes in an invisible entity ruling over everyone collectively, bowing to the flag (or cross), going to schools (or churches), singing the anthem (or hymns), listening to the preachers (or politicians) and having your money stolen in order to fund this entity without any say by the individual.

This cartel is getting more coercive by the day and Matt makes arguments for it by claiming we need to solve problems that are interestingly caused by government in the first place.

The 13 minute video originally published on Newsbroke gets destroyed in this 34 minute breakdown.
Matt Lieb, come with an actual argument next time instead of regurgitated talking points based in strawmen arguments. Terrible terrible job my friend.

See the FULL video report here:

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Thank you for presenting these educational arguments.
My wife and I are in complete agreement with you. We are Voluntarists.
Government is the most destructive idea the human race ever invented. Sadly, you needed to do this because the average person today is brutally ignorant. Little or no correct knowledge is the problem.
Very sad to see the condition of people today. The devolution of the human race.


Thanks for watching. I figure, if communism could sweep half the world in 20 years, voluntaryism can do the same in at least 40. It's harder to promote voluntaryism because we aren't giving everyone "free things" unless of course you join a voluntary communist society that doesn't enforce rule of the collective without the bondage loving subservient private contract populace supporting it 100%.


Voluntaryism is the only moral and sane path. Education of the masses is the only action that can save us.
If the Elites continue to pull our chains, they will destroy the planet.

Great work Josh. These crazy statists live in a fantasy where they believe government will act in the best interest of the people and hold their immoral actions accountable.
Just like Canada's favorite, accountable to no one, Trudeau.

Your still an ignorant ill-informed twat :P


Umm, is that an attempt at an argument? lol


It might be. He wants to know why he should get off his knees and stop serving government's... :P


nah just remembered you vouch for con artists. After that nothing you say can be believed. To be fair my first comment was stupid..just don't like you. I will leave now

Yeah the 16th amendment which is income tax is illegal , and was applied during the civil war for the purpose of paying for the war , and was never taken back off . Property taxes should be very low and dependent on G.N.P. And not personal wealth . But you live in fantasy when it comes to ZERO taxes . Nobody volunteers there wealth away . We need good constitutional cops , and well trained firefighters , and not some HACK who’s mommy told him he was special , and runs out there with a garden hose⁉️ Thats just canyland shit . Some taxes are needed , we just need to turn the spy industry on to the people working for us❗️We have to make working for us like 1984❗️Or worse❗️We need to make it so every E-mail , TEXT , phone call , and dollar is tracked . We need to impose the highest kind of COMMUNISM that we can muster on to THEM❗️They need to bow to us❗️The problem is that there is no accountability , and not that government exists at all . We here in the USA 🇺🇸 corporation land need to get rid of a lot of federal employees . We currently have close to 25 million employees⁉️ Thats just bloated government . And you CANADIANS 🇨🇦 Need to get rid of your parliamentary monarchy and your fucking queen before you all talk shit about freedom . 🤨 America just needs to go back to the constitution , and stop actions like a communist . Tweeking , not total destruction like you commies do . Stop the imperialist agendas , and secure its borders instead of invading others . Many of the problems can be fixed and I don’t believe its not doable . I think sheeple like you don’t want it , so you live in candyland thinking that by pure volunteering all will get done⁉️😆 Yeah , try studying human behavior first , and know that sheeple are NOT going to volunteer to pick up your trash , or put out a fire . Reality is that someone is going to have to get paid to do the most important jobs . You wouldn’t go to a plumber for a tooth ache⁉️🤨 The wanted destruction of America starts , and stops with the constitution . One of the most neutral documents ever written . The republic is the best way , and I often have to listen to communist like you talk SHIT while living under a muppet ruler who serves at the mercy of the QUEEN🇬🇧❗️🤦‍♂️ Really take a look in the mirror . Being involved is not enough . Anarchy won’t work just like volunteering won’t work , and I don’t support the current form , but this current form is corrupted , so a clear version doesn’t have a working model to show . But your model doesn’t work under the best of conditions , so I have to wonder who set you up to promote such crap❓😂 Get rid of all income taxes , and stop funding false flag wars in my model I have an 8.9 G.D.P. And less then %3 unemployment , and thats because they don’t have to work . When people have more of their own money , and are not penalized to save , they spend more . Its just simple economical mechanics . We have to get rid of the overhead , and in this instance that would be the 25 million federal employees‼️ That we only need 1 million to do the job . We can replace many of them with robots❗️Its big government thats killing us , and not because we have government . I believe in the ultimate freedom , but i also know that sheeple can be IDIOTS . And I’m not going to pretend that all people are good . Thats just a stupid way of living with the most dangerous animal on this planet = MANKIND❗️