Community-based navigation app aims to help immigrants cross the U.S.-Mexico Border

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This community-based navigation app aims to help immigrants by providing real-time info about the best immigration routes to cross the U.S.-Mexico Border. And it’s planning to expand to Europe soon!

Bienvenidos is the world’s first community-based navigation app for immigration. Using crowdsourced data from users, Bienvenidos provides real-time info about the best immigration routes to cross the U.S.-Mexico Border.

The apps website states that it allows users to

"View updates in real-time on the status of the new border wall construction. Get reports on vulnerable areas along current fences and barricades, like openings, lack of barbed wiring, and flimsy construction. Share tunneling locations and conditions. Bienvenidos is dedicated to making immigration easier and safer for those looking to enter or reenter the United States. By connecting immigrants to one another, we hope to make border crossing simpler and easier, improving the quality of everyone’s journey. Imagine the power of handily avoiding Border Patrol agents, saving time with faster immigration routes, and keeping tabs on the construction of the border wall and its vulnerabilities. All from the palm of your hand."

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Haha that fucking awesome! technology will end the state

This could make policing the border a lot more efficient, the border patrol could tell all the illegal aliens where to try to cross and then pick them up, brilliant.
Legal immigrants don't need an app.