Whitehat Hacks Volume Four; Create A New Identity Complete With Drivers License, Debit Card And Crypto Trading Accounts

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Welcome back my deviant Steemains. Now we enter the darker side of Whitehat, the grey area between good and evil. That's because a "fake" identity can be used for any number of good reasons, and conversely, it can be used for nefarious ones. Hacking isn't always about using computers to achieve your goals, a lot of it is social engineering, and this is a social engineering hack that anyone can do.

Good Reasons To Get An Alternate Identity

Bad Credit

Maybe you were down at the local electronics store looking at that new 60" smart TV, but afraid you won't be approved for financing? No problem, when you create your shiny new identity, the "soft" credit check they run will return insufficient information, which is better than bad credit. And we will build your credit profile a bit.

Keeping Your Activities Private

Maybe you have an ex-spouse who is stalking you, or just someone who wants to track your activities. This is a good way to save yourself the hassle. Use your new identity to conceal your activities as you travel, make large purchases or check into hotel rooms with your new fling.


This is where we take one of two roads...How bad do you want your new identity? How far are you willing to delve into the "grey" area to get it? Creating an identity from scratch is a fairly easy process, but has it's limits. It has become increasingly difficult since 9/11 to get a new Social Security number, especially for someone claiming to be an adult who has never had one. Without a Social Security number, you can't get a US bank account. However, you can get a prepaid debit card to use for a number of activities.

If you want a complete identity with Social, you will have to go on the Darknet, or Deep Web, and buy an identity of someone around your age who has recently passed away. There are vendors on various markets who specialize in this. Now you could use the identity of a living person, but your activities will show up on their credit report and trigger red flags.

If you want to create an identity from scratch, it's easy and fun. Think of a name you like, maybe the name you wish you had? Now go on the Drivers License Generator Site. Enter the info you want on your card, choose your state, and the site will generate the correct license number to match your state and info.

Now, you need to download the Tor Browser if you haven't already done so. There are a number of sites that create "novelty ID's", but the best is probably Mr. Replicator. His address can be found on the Reddit Fake ID Thread. For around $75, he will create a drivers license that will scan correctly and pass the black light test. Don't use your real address on the ID!!!

Once you get your fake ID, go to your local library and use it to get a library card. Now, go to your local UPS store and use the license and card to get a PO Box. If they ask why you need a box, just say you have had problems with stolen mail recently. Now, you can use this PO Box and identity to purchase a prepaid debit card and activate it, they will send the new card with your identities name to the Box.

Now you can go on Coinbase, Poloniex, Bittrex, or Localbitcoins, and use your fake ID to get verified. Its as easy as that!!! If you really want to be fancy, with a quick search of the Darknet you can find people who will make you a social security card to go along with your new identity. It wont pass official scrutiny (like from a bank or the IRS), but will work for most other purposes. Use your identity to take out small installment loans, or get a cellphone, this will help build a credit history. Use it for hotel check-ins, car rentals, and to purchase large assets that you don't want "big brother" to know about.

If you choose to use the "recently deceased" person method, you can use their social security number to open a real Ally bank account online. However, there is about a 50/50 chance that this activity will eventually be noticed by the IRS, as they now cross-reference birth and death records.

Until next time, have fun and happy hacking my friends
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This does not seem white hat nearly at all lol. Cool information still.


It depends what you use the information for...Anonymous and other such groups largely consider themselves to be white hat. What they do is illegal, but they believe it's for the greater good. If you believe you have a right to move and not have your activities tracked by anyone, then this would be white hat. If you want a fake identity so you can take out a loan and not repay it, or sell stolen goods to a pawn shop, the it is definitely not white hat.


Fair points. Grey hat or shadow hat feels about right.

Word! Or you could just go and get a voter registration card because it requires no id whatsoever. All you need is an address, name, and social. This voter registration card will enable you to bypass the social and instead grab a birth certificate on your way to the DNV. Lolz Rental Cars are fun!! :D