We are a plague that devours the planet

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¿ What do we call freedom ? ¿ we really free?

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To be free is to offend others? we live in a society where people discriminate based on skin color, for their culture or religion, where we put our interests first regardless of the harm we cause, we do not care us if there are a billion people around the planet who suffer from malnutrition. The money, houses, cars, this will do useless, the end of the day we will all die and we will bury in one place, but ¿ what happen with future generations? What story talk about us? They remember us as the generation that he ruined the planet and which killed thousands of species, we destroy nature and we made the greatest crimes in history, will feel ashamed to tell who we went his parents, we are not guilty because of making bombs or weapons. we are guilty for not do anything against it.

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¿ Do we call this freedom which we live ? Politicians cheat with their lies, making believable, we choose our leaders, those who take money from our pocket.

Look at around, ask yourself ¿ what is it that makes us different? we have the same eyes, the same hair, the same hands and the same body, we are one race, belong to the human race, the more animals and savage of planet.
We destroy this beautiful place, with our machines to build houses and buildings, murder the life around us leading to extinction many species, polluting the environment to have a place where we can live comfortably

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lose our time on working to save money, and take a position in society, what really matters are the actions we take, the good works we do and not how much money we have in a bank or how many houses, money is only an illusion that use rulers to manipulate,
the media injected into our minds, ideologies and thus manipulate us to decide on certain things of life. injected into our minds, food, clothing, technology, things that are not necessary for life.
injected into our minds, hatred and resentment toward others because belong to a different country and have a different culture, make us believe that money is everything, that beauty is a body symmetrical, or well-defined biceps.
if you want to change the world, you do nothing with ass stuck to a chair, everyone expects a change, but what they do not realize is that change we do it us.
Us we prefer to live our lives in our own way while our around , it destroyed
we are still in time to achieve change, we can not reverse the damage caused, but we can rebuild our future and decide what will be of our race, before take a decision thinks about how you are influencing others, and how it affects your around
the human being is a unique breed, able to think and decide, has great qualities and virtues, we must fight for it, being behind the computer screen will not solve the world situation, stand up and that does not finish the day without a good deed , the little things move the world.

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