Anarchapulco 2018 Officially Announced for February 15-18th at the Legendary Princess Hotel In Acapulco, Mexico

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It begins!

We are thrilled to officially announce the time and place for the 4th annual hosting of the world’s first and largest voluntaryist conference, Anarchapulco!

The main event will be held from February 15th to 18th and will take place right on the beach in the legendary Princess Hotel in Acapulco, Mexico.

We have just released the first Official Trailer video for the event here:

And we have officially launched the Anarchapulco 2018 website at

In keeping with our momentum over the last three years, 2018 will be bigger and better than ever. Watch the website and our social media for announcements about new speaker additions, expanded workshops and related events around the conference. You can sign up on the website to receive our notifications via email.

And take note that if you register for Anarchapulco before September 1st you will receive an “early bird” discount on not only the conference, but also on many of the workshops which have already been announced.

You can register now at

Stay tuned for many more announcements soon! And we’ll see you this February in Anarchapulco!


Love it!

@jeffberwick Great !
Another rich mans event which we cant join as noob crypto!
Thanks for rubbin'it into our noses !

Anyways have fun!
You are doing the world community a HUGE favour!
Making €20 a day now. And people think I'm crazy !
So the community is no where ready for the blockchain yet.
From today the you can hold ethereum !
good step.
Even though people call you a scam and try to destroy you !
I wanna let you know I am totally supporting you.

Send me a ticket man. People warn me it's to dangerous in mexico.

Maybe next year, when earned enough to pay for the trip on my profits.

cheers Jeff !

Bro trust me I lived in Mexico for 2 years and saw more crime in the States and Not once did I ever see any crime in Mexico and I lived in Michucan the hart of the cartel. I'll tell u this much if u go out looking for trouble you will find it as u would living here in the states. Too bad people listen to the fake news about whats happening in Mexico.

Hopefully I can make it out there this year @jeffberwick. So looking forward to it 😁

Very good post. Thankyou for sharing @jeffberwick..

Very good cause too bad my husband is sick or I would attend. We are looking for a place in Mexico though soon. Anyway keep up the great work.

Thanks you information @jeffberwick


excellent! such a nice share, registered soon

I really want to be there!

Thanks you info

I must go there :) 2018.. I think I can make it :)

Can pay Tickets in btc/dash?

My first time here! We come from Spain and Germany.

Mmmmm...make anarchy great again :) Looking forward

Thanks @jeffberwick that s great news!

I hope to be there!

I find it ironic that it is sponsored by Roger Ver, the same person who is trying to wrest control of Bitcoin with Jihan Wu, a large mining enterprise.


More like corporate-sponsored oligarchy.

Looking forward to the conference again Jeff.
Hope to see you sober this time :)
we all fall of the wagon once or twice... all is good bro.

Great job on the trailer!!!

For some reason everyone keeps telling me that you will be kidnapped or killed if you go there.

Great!!!! :)

Coming all the way from Australia for this event! Can't wait :)

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