Kokesh Campaign Makes a Statement

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Not only does The Adam Kokesh American Referendum Project stand with the Non-Aggression Principle, it is the core of our philosophy. We abhor aggression and coercion. This is a standard that each campaign member ethically agrees on and is expected to adhere to. We as a campaign do not condone any aggressive action by anyone. Should a team member violate the Non-Aggression Principle in any way it would be a breach of contract. In the event that conclusive evidence was provided, appropriate action would be taken.

Marcus Pulis
Press Secretary
The Adam Kokesh American Referendum Project


This statement fails to address the evidence provided. @marcus.pulis and @benfarmer are currently deleting any comments asking politely for the allegations to be addressed. If the Kokesh campaign believes the video is fabricated, it is my sincere hope that they will say this. Sadly, Kokesh has responded to a man’s concern for his family not by saying “These are fake,” but by attacking the messenger and calling the allegations “hysteria” and “lies.” Why attack the victim of serious threats, even if the screenshots were fabricated? We have been using the language “allegedly” this whole time.

Video evidence here:

If this is about FREEDOM! why censor so many concerned voices?

Phone # corroborated/verified by multiple sources.



Not conclusive enough to warrant a response other than mockery and censorship?

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