is the "bomber" a timelord?

in #anarchy4 years ago

It's midterm elections again, which means a battle for your mind is happening.


This year we have a bomber that sent bombs out to those poor people that don't look favorably upon democrats. These bombs came complete with kitchen timers. Since kitchen timers only go up to 99 minutes... the intended victim must first set the timer. Even then, the ends of the bomb are made of clear plastic. Clear thin plastic helps people see inside of the bomb, but they don't help create the pressure needed for the bomb to cause damage.

These "bombs" were created to be cartoonish so that simple minded people would recognize them. They were not built to work. Does this sound like the work of an evil genius or the work of someone that thinks you are stupid?

Now, after using tons of resources (that third of money missing out of your paycheck), the FBI have finally found the bomber. It's obviously the bomber because there are Trump stickers on his van and targets drawn on pictures of people that the bombs went to. Makes sense.

EXCEPT: the images of the recovered bombs show that the stamps where never marked by the postal system. That tells us that these packages could only have been delivered by hand. To 13 mailboxes all over the country... AT THE SAME TIME.

Impossible you say? Not if done by a TIMELORD. Either that, or the government is lying to us for manipulative purposes... but the government wouldn't do something like that.



This post has been flagged because the author is one of several @adamkokesh for president campaign staff/volunteer staff unwilling to adequately address the serious evidence regarding a planned cyber attack (and potentially physical attack) on my life, resources, and family.

Strangely, @iamthenerd and others have no problem mocking the victim, and issuing unrelated statements. They do not belong on

More information:

I see you've changed your comment since I've screenshot you. @kafkanarchy, you're a liar and a bully that I will now expose. I haven't mocked you. Prove me wrong.

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Anyone is free to research the post edits. I simply added notation that you did indeed involve yourself here, in spite of claiming it was not your “fight.”

Thank you.

Also, I see you removed your original comment. Lovely.


kitchen timers.... bomb are made of clear plastic.

I haven't seen this. I have only seen the pictures of the bombs without much detail.

I heard that the "bomb experts" said they were real bombs... but if the pipe didn't have caps on both ends... well, its not a bomb. It would correctly be classified as fireworks.

And we all know that the post office does not deliver packages on time. Even if you pay them to do so. Therefor a timer would be the last thing that you would think of to work.

Further, a 1/2" nipple and two 1/2" caps (smallest size at HomeyDepot) weigh more than 10 ounces (the limit of 6 stamps) And, i am pretty sure, from the photos, that they used a larger pipe size.

Naaah, they never will do something like that, ever. The government is an honest and reliable entity who cares deeply over his slaves ... uhum, I mean people, cares deeply over his people.

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