# A Discussion With A Socialist

in #anarchy4 years ago

Today I woke up to a "Muh Roads" Socialist. I have had no coffee. I have had no breakfast. Yet still, I was ready for my first internet win of the day. What proceeds is a discussion with that Socialist. Let the education engage:

muh roads.jpg

[La Socialist] When do you propose we rip up all the socialist roads, bridges, and highways?


[Muh Self] ripping them up? that would take us backwards.
instead let's move forward. government doesn't make roads. it takes your money and gives it to contractors. the contractors make the roads.

i say we remove the middle men.

ps, you've already paid for those roads from your own labor.


[La Socialist] Are you sure that if we just ask people to volunteer their time and money our transportation system would be improved?


[Muh Self] ps, check out Larry Sharpe's ideas. He will take the bridges that are all fuckered up in New York and lease them to McDonalds, Google, etc. Google can name the bridge something to do with Google and design it to look awesome and give Google a great appearance.
In return, Google has to fix the bridge and maintain the bridge.
Major companies are already excited to do this with bridges, highways, streets

[Muh Self] And not only will non socialist ideas cost less (don't pay the middle man), but no more road cones all year long. The businesses will have to COMPETE to get the honor of adopting parts of our infrastructure and thus timely and excellent work is all you will see.

[Muh Self] as for your above question, i have one for you. are you sure that throwing money at your government will improve roads? because I live in Indiana and our roads are shit. Money is definitely going into the government for roads (even cigarette tax) but roads aren't being fixed.
remove the middle man. introduce competition.


[La Socialist] Sounds perfect, and reminds me of the long standing tradition of unregulated corporations investing in what is best for the public, their employees, and fairly balanced with corporate profits. Of wait, let me rethink that.


[Muh Self] definitely rethink that!
instead of any corporation imposing its will on the people, let's allow the free market to reign. (competition). Your government gives contracts to some pretty shite corporations against the will of the people. (prisons, dmv, bmv, etc)
Socialism will make this worse. Under socialism the government can just get paid by lobbyists to allow corporations to "Legally" do whatever at the expense of the public. Very corrupt idea.
Under free market, if a company decides to do something horrible, they will be dropped like a hot potato. Other corporations that will do better for the public will take their place.

[Muh Self] the question really boils down to this: under socialist rule, do you trust your government to not be corrupt?

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how you handle the Muh Roads chapter of Socialists. Keep your cool and apply as much logic as needed :)


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