Why I walked away from Socialism

in anarchy •  10 months ago

Hey Steemians! This is a video on why I walked away from Socialism for ethical reasons. I'm new to making videos and would love some good critiques, advice, and comments!

Feel free to argue back with me on this material. I love discussing this kind of stuff!


ps, the intro/outro... cheesy or nah? I'm not set on it.

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it is sad to say but here in the Philippines democracy is crippled and many people craved for socialism because capitalism itself corrupts poor people, only rich are getting richer and they done a pretty good job being rich while poor people dragged down dramatically.


capitalism itself cannot corrupt. Capitalism is a mutual voluntary exchange. That's it.
Crony capitalism corrupts.


in my video, i make a point of explaining that the cure isn't our current version of "capitalism" or our current version of "socialism" because both are being corrupted by government interference. :) you should watch it!


I just did, matey.
I don't know you, so I never post links on people I don't know. I followed.

I did a post you might like, though - 'why we need to cheer sex tourists' - I posted it earlier today.

I support limited government and more wealth creation. It would be a lot of red tape to keep track of who was paying for the fire department and police. Buckets of water are not going to put out a fire and without gear you can not go into a burning structure to rescue people. We do have too much socialism though and we need to start scaling a lot of it back.

Probably the height of capitalism was in the cottage industry era. No one had to commute, and the means of production were individually owned, the local wealth formation concentrated wealth for the average local person/family.

(There was a time you could sell Gumbo directly out of your house, without any hoops.)

The way it works now, governments and corporations (or in the area of Communism, the term is 'firms') are all social constructs and form a type of socialism for the wealthy, mostly based on various forms of market capture.

I am very glad you made it out, and have a clear picture of what's going on.


A clear picture of a tool of what we have today and how it works.

Excellent video! Don't you think that the government protects the interests of its citizens (especially those extremely wealthy ones)? How many times did those wealthy bastards file bankruptcy only to get bailed out and start from scratch? Socialism is a form of justice that the government gives aid to those without the power to help themselves. But people would not be in this needy position had their value as humans not been eroded by the government, banks, corporations and other fictitious entities. America is dreaming - and its a nightmare.

As you stated, socialism just makes things worse. It's a fallacy that socialism takes money from the rich, and spread it equally to the people. They just give it to themselves because now they are the new rich in disguise.

Socialism makes poor people poorer. That's the usual strategy to make them more dependable to the state. That's how the government control the citizens.

Also, socialism nurtures ignorance and encourages idleness. It slices productivity and support criminal acts. They don't strive for progress. Incompetence and corruption are in order.

And sometimes, it can become into something more atrocious just like what's happening now in Venezuela, where the social state has become into a criminal one.

Been hearing the same verbage since 1971. Show us; don't tell us. Let's see an Agora3 in practice. One in each state, please.


this is a fantastic idea! you should do this, and i will certainly upvote it!


Shall we start with one in Indiana? Do you suggest anarchos form some sort of company to own the property, whereas each individual rents from said company? Or find a property and subdivide it down for each individual to own his plot?... leaving about 10-50 acres or so for "community" activities (such as a "farmers' market" or "fair grounds"?

May I suggest Elkhart Co., where Sheriff Brad Rogers will protect the effort, I believe.

doctrines that are always going to fail, I do not think it is an idea that is an idea that was invented to see a poorer people and thus remain in power with luxury and the people going hungry. this is an idiology that was never done surgically, that was a failure, that is applied in countries that go to poverty, Venezuela, the richest country in Latin America and the other times poorer.


sure! doctrines fail. But like I said in my video, the problem isn't going to be won with our current version of "capitalism" or our current version of "socialism" because both are corrupted by government. government interference with the free market causes all the problems you've just mentioned :)

Our studies show that those who like Socialism but then come to realize the soundness of the Non-AggressionPrinicipal tend to like Anarco-Mutualism ; ) Me and my Tribe are going to live together, share everything and if someone wants to leave, we will wish them love.