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RE: If you still support this guy after this, you are a dumbass.

in #anarchy2 years ago

Perhaps Slander isn't correct anyway.
I think it is more Vilify... but even that has basis in libel/slander.

Detract, Demean, Bastardize, Deface, Profane... These may be closer.

So if I were to restate...

Bastardization and Forceful/Aggressive behavior sounds very politic.

I say this in regards to the perspective you had upon reading not that I intended when I wrote. Meaning I didn't intend to say you were doing something, but rather that if that were to be happening it would represent the politic nature.

I am now pointing this toward you.
You seem aggressive and have lashed out.
You have Bastardized Adam. Simple. Honest. Obvious.
Perhaps that will produce good things as well. Who is to say.


Please just shut up, dude. I have no interest in talking to you. I have not "lashed out." Now buzz off.

this feels like lashing out..

Now it is, you’re intolerable bro. Please just stop commenting.