Infinite buzz off.

I left a post for you somewhere in these replies which suggests making a Report on Abuses performed by Adam. This may be accepted more and be distributable to his audience.

Take note that when you talk down to someone others look up to, you create many enemies. I suggest more saccharine discourse if you wish to make an enemy a friend. If you want to expose Adam, there is a very particular way. Cold Facts.
Report on Abuses. I would read this and I would share if it was verifiable and showed harm across the community. Be Aware. These things are easy for one who has no presence in person. Face your opponent my friend and then we shall see.

Does this make sense?
Are you willing to provide this?

If you say that that is what your post is, I would say... I would not write this if I saw your post as being a fact bearing report of Abuses upon the community.

Always Blessings Family

I’ve already done this. You’ve jumped in like a jackass, not knowing the story, but talking endlessly. Just stop bro.

I don’t want “blessings” from dudes like you man.
Your opinion is currently totally inconsequential to me.

Save it.


It didnt look that way to me. :)