The Nine Lives of Nestor Makhno (Television Show) NEED HELP TRANSLATING FROM UKRANIAN AND/OR RUSSIAN

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This is a miniseries about Nestor Makhno and Free Ukraine titled The Nine Lives of Nestor Makhno. It aired in Ukraine and Russia. In this scene Makhno is organizing the workers in his hometown and negotiating with a factory owner for shorter hours and better wages.

Makhno Flag.jpg

The banner says “Liberty or Death” and “The land to the peasants, the factories to the workers.”

When the Makhnovists travelled into an area where they were not already well known they passed pamphlets out to the people of the area and posted notices that read:
"This Army does not serve any political party, any power, any dictatorship. On the contrary, it seeks to free the region of all political power, of all dictatorship. It strives to protect the freedom of action, the free life of the workers against all exploitation and domination. The Makhno Army does not therefore represent any authority. It will not subject anyone to any obligation whatsoever. Its role is confined to defending the freedom of the workers. The freedom of the peasants and the workers belongs to themselves, and should not suffer any restriction."

I am trying to convince a family member in Ukraine to help me translate this whole thing into English. It is about 10 hours long so it is a lot of work. If anyone knows Ukranian or Russian and would like to help let me know...

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Here is the only actual video of Nestor Makhno known to exist. The train was "reappropriated" and used by the Makhnovists to travel and carry supplies like the infamous Trotsky train. Makhno is the one smiling at like 0:40 has translators, perhaps they can help.

If it goes on like that, we could have our Freedom Tuesday, on any given Tuesday.

This is the Russian community on utopia-io, they may be able to help with translations.


Ok I'm going to try them out. My cousin and I just did the first 10 minutes of episode one. It's a 12 part series (one hour each) so only have 11 hours and 50 minutes to go... We got the birth of Makhno and his baptism done. I tried using googles and youtubes auto translating but it does not work at all. It may get one or two words in a sentence correctly. I think they took a little bit of storyteller flair to a few parts but from what I've read its pretty accurate. Anarchists need some entertainment sometimes too right? There are a lot of people asking for English translations so when I get it done hopefully it will get our steemit blogs a bit of attention too. Heres a trailer for the show with english subtitles


Have you tried the auto translate that chrome has, it seems to do a good job.
If you go to, they have a translator, too.


I'm gonna try them now thanks. that video was crap i just was posting... done by a crazy bolshevik from finland.


Here is episode one you can turn on auto translate and see how horrible it is...
click the gear on bottom and select (russian) then go back and click auto translate and pick english

How is it going? Any news? Been following this from Spain, unfortunately I can't help in translating nor finding russian aid for this. Thank you for this, just registered in steemit few months ago to follow this project.