Old Systems Will Fail

in anarchy •  2 years ago 

As we enter into the days of summer, Clif High's web bot predicts a surge in crypto currency and the failing of the American dollar. It could not be more needed in these times of outright insanity in the deep state police state Podesta child raping norm that is overtaking our government. Our cops are killing us and getting away with it, our children are being stolen and used for their energy in a harvest for dark magic and ultimate power. Our hard earned money is being syphoned away for the use in wars, bombing, and bullying other countries. Literally, everything is starting to spiral out of control before our eyes. I am thoroughly traumatized by the little girl comforting her mother in the newly released Castille dash cam video. I actually have no words for the horrific act of violence that has occurred in the "name of the law". Let the systems fall, let them fail today as I can no longer take this world as it is. We the people will come together in the natural order of life and we will make a way for a fair and just world. As the Aquarian age moves forward, the people of the world will no longer listen to the boasts of the people at the top claiming they can direct our lives in this manner. Our universal energy just no longer supports this insanity. I mourn for the victims of the transition and hold a special place in my heart for their spirits to be comforted and guided to healing. A new way is coming. Decentralization, people power and a slave-less system. May it come fast and hard.

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Clif High's web bot predictions are awesome. I say hold guys :)