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At the indiana libertarian convention

in anarchy •  2 years ago 

sadly, not leading, either. Do you believe Adam Kokesh can get anywhere by not surrounding himself with leaders? ...and men who can properly organize a campaign staff and HQs across 50 states? i guess that all depends on where he wants to end up, huh?

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I think youre merely projecting. Besides two pictures, you have no idea what I did from 730 that morning until 1930 that evening. What have you done to help the libertarian cause?

keep people like you from perpetuating deep delusional fraud-based "success" quotients. But carry on. Adam is a big boy. He'll figure it out.... or not.

And of course we have no idea what you did between those hours listed. Otherwise you would have provided some sort of news report. We're all ears and eyes. Bring it.