Schrodinger's meth dealer

in #anarchy2 years ago (edited)

Many people don't know this, but our boy Erwin was high as fuck,
all the time.
Or half the time, depending on who was looking at him (and when).
In the now famous thought experiment involving deviated septums, quantum scales, and meth dealers with P.H.D.s, it was suggested that no one knows anything. Or we all know everything, depending on bla, bla, bla, etcetera squared, and so forth.
To be clear on terms, a deviated septum is just a regular septum, but with a black hole in it, and quantum scales are just regular scales, but with the word 'quantum' in front (or behind, depending on the severity of your lysdexia). It should be noted that the word 'quantum' contains a 'q' , and such exotic letters should only be used when pursuing grant money (or hypnotizing quattle).
To be continued. (But only if you don't look at it.)