Luis Fernando Mises on Seeds of Liberty!

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I am actually really excited to show you guys the show we did with Seeds Of Liberty Podcast featuring Jeremy Henggeler and Shane Buell.

They let me ran my mouth for a good 40 min or so and we covered quite a bit of things.
Empowering the individual
Finally getting to meet in person
My talk at the upcoming MPLFest
How knowledge is power
Being Anarchist for the sake of blaming others
Hating your job
Corporations getting a bad rap
Doing what you love
Anti-business rhetoric, and more!

Follow this link:!/@abolitionistjay/20180604t130849976z-seeds-of-liberty-ep-155-its-all-about-the-inner-journey


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Buena publicacion en cuanto a libertad de expresión. pero no debes de confundir libertad con libertinaje... crear pero con principios por delante...


donde crees que confundimos libertad con libertinaje?

I really enjoyed your message on the SOL podcast. It is refreshing to get a positive spin on things despite the daily dose of fear and negativity from the State. Thanks again!