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19 days ago
60 in anarchy

You and I live in the real world. A world filled to overflowing with statism. This is just as much our reality as is the fact that the world we live in is full of disease and natural disasters.

Almost everyone around us thinks it's OK to steal and attack- and a few people even believe those things are OK when they aren't done in the name of governing.

You may as well find ways to navigate around this reality, and use it to your advantage when you can-- without joining the archation circus, of course.

Sure, we can do what we can to try to eliminate these bad things, or find ways to limit the damage they do, but they probably aren't going to stop being a problem in our lifetime. And they shouldn't prevent you from doing the right thing and prospering. Yes, it would be easier in a world without statism, but things worth doing are worth doing even when they aren't easy.

We are better and stronger and smarter than they are. We can do it.

Statism allowed free rein


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