Stupidity has consequences

in anarchy •  3 years ago 

If you ignore the existence of gravity, there will be consequences. You may not be around to learn your lesson.

The same goes for ignoring the Zero Aggression Principle. Everyone is subject to it, whether they "accept" it or not. You archate; there will be consequences. And, you may not survive to learn your lesson.

I know it seems there are a lot of people who not only survive, but thrive while ignoring the ZAP and property rights. And you're right. But there are still consequences. Look how many archators end up being violated in the same way they violated others.

Even if the only consequence is being recognized for what they are by nobodies like me, it is still a consequence, and I know from personal experience that it eats at them when they are aware of it.

Initiating force and violating property is its own special kind of stupidity. You and I can see it. I hope you will point it out to those who don't see it. Maybe eventually, they'll see it, too.

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