Stupid things

in anarchy •  3 years ago 

I am constantly astounded and stunned by how incredibly stupid people can be-- myself included.

It's amazing the species has survived this long.

But, I guess it means the smart things people do aren't as noticeable as the stupid things. And, in the long run, there must be more smart things being done than stupid things. Otherwise, we probably wouldn't be here.

But the stupid things humans do are quite noticeable, and have an immediate impact on my life. So I suppose it's not surprising I notice them more readily.

Statism is one of those stupid things. And it is part of a large web of stupidity. For humans to keep surviving it must mean there are a lot of smart things going unnoticed behind the scenes. That gives me hope.

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this is not the only thing i ask myself, but i find it quite useful to ask myself, frequently, how many kinds of idiot have i been today?