Set it and forget it? Nope.

in anarchy •  3 years ago 

One of the sillier arguments against self responsibility (also known as anarchism) is "If you get rid of government, someone will just start another one. Humans always have and always will."

So we should never do anything that's not permanent? Like eat, bathe, or anything? If a battery would have to be recharged, there's no point in even using a device?

Yes, the tree of liberty needs to be periodically watered with the blood of statists. And your toilet needs to occasionally be flushed. It's just reality.

Almost everything in life needs to be repeated. Nothing is permanent. Even statism requires periodic elections, appointments, rituals, and the replacement of employees who finally become good government employees by getting embalmed or cremated.

If you want a permanent fix which can be done once, then ignored forever, you aren't mature enough to be responsible for yourself.

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