Politician's emails are "educational"

in anarchy •  3 years ago 

Somehow I have managed to get on the mailing lists of a few different politicians. I keep marking them as junk, but they keep coming to my inbox. But I don't really mind.

It is a reminder of the nature of politicians.

I see how they harp on the things that they believe will get them v..tes. You can see there are no principles involved- other than the principle that they lust for your v..te.

They say whatever they believe their constituency (or potential v..ters) want to hear.

I don't do that. As you've probably noticed.

I tell you what I believe. What I have come to think after years of consideration. And sometimes it drives people away. That bothers me, but it would bother me more to lie to you just to be popular. I'm not a politician (although it is amusing to me that those who wish to insult me so often use that word against me).

Sometimes I do hesitate to write certain things, about certain subjects, knowing it probably won't be well-received and wouldn't really advance liberty to write it. But I can't think of many things I have just avoided altogether. And I have never taken a position just because I thought you wanted to hear it.

I guess that separates me from the politicians. That, and I don't invade your inbox.

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