"Our government"? Don't be absurd

in anarchy •  3 years ago 

When people use the words "my government" while referring to some gang of bullies, I may roll my eyes and feel pity for them.

But when they use the words "our government" I have a hard time not getting angry.

I promise you that you and I don't share a government.

I govern myself and I don't govern you. End of story.

That doesn't mean there aren't gangs of bullies trying to govern both of us. We probably even alter our behavior due to their presence- just like we'd walk around a huge steaming pile of dog feces. But unless you feel their governing to be legitimate and go out of your way to obey, they aren't "your government", and they certainly aren't mine.

If you want to be governed by a gang of bullies, that's your business. Just don't include me.

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