If you want to coexist with me...

in #anarchy4 years ago

No matter how I feel about a particular religion-- be it Islam, Christianity, Statism, or the belief in "authority"-- your beliefs are your business.

As long as you don't act on those beliefs by archating.

It's not my problem that you are Muslim until you try to force Sharia on people who aren't Muslims.

It's not my problem that you are Christian until you try to force Bible-based rules on people who aren't Christians.

It's not my problem that you are a statist until you try to force your "laws" and Rulers on people who aren't Statists.

Whatever your beliefs, don't use them to justify violating anyone who doesn't share them and I can coexist with you just fine.

But, once you do, I will not feel the slightest bit bad for defending myself or others from you and your beliefs. And your death at the hands of your intended victim will please me.



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in a certain sense....I agree but death? Really? I mean i dont really like sounding all hippy dippy or anything. But havent we come further then this?

You would then say no one has the right to defend themselves from a thug if that defense might result in death? Me, if someone chooses to attack or steal, the consequences are on them, not on their intended victim. If they don't want to die at the hands of their victim, they can choose to not attack or steal.