Archators: "pillars of the community"

in anarchy •  3 years ago 

It's disheartening.

People who work for government harm people while being paid with money stolen from those they harm.

Yet they are considered "pillars of the community" and given respect.

My disgust and disappointment at this state of affairs isn't going to change anything, even if I don't participate in the charade.

What I can do is treat all people as people, based not on their "job" or position, but on how they treat others. Until someone isn't nice to me, I will be nice to them. I will give them the benefit of a doubt, as a person, even if their "job" is evil and disgusting. If someone is a jerk, their "job" doesn't change how I see them.

If they live on theft and by aggression, I'm not going to excuse them because of the position they hold. Archators are archators. I will expect better of everyone.

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