What You Should Know About The Paradise Papers Psyop

in #anarchy5 years ago (edited)

In 2015, the “Panama Papers” were leaked and last week the “Paradise Papers” continued the psyop.

Psyop, you say? But, it was on the 'news'!

That’s how you know it is a psyop.

In this interview with Dan Dicks of Press For Truth, I go into the reasons for this propaganda and who it serves and why.

In the next 24 hours we’ll be releasing the next issue of the TDV newsletter (subscribe HERE) where I divulge a lot more information on the fight for bitcoin and suggest the best ways to profit from and protect yourself as this battle continues.


I think there is targeted people behind these and they are doing their job best and my best wishes with them.
God bless them.

@dollarvigilante Jeff always brings the BEST in Content. I can't wait until the Morning Dog Walks start again. LUCY SITz !

do you know about dragonslayer operation 11.25? Could you write something about it

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He called the pentagon the pantogram. That’s funny. I always liked the “social insecurity” one, too. That pentogram one is a good one though. Thanks again for the real news!

Professional extortitionists.

If the powers that be don't stay on top of the pyramid, who will?

I did put an update on my wall after paradise papers made public but you know these are not the topic of intrest when updated by redfish. Thnx for proving TDV newsletter and mentioning the term psyop why bcoz u added
one more word to my dictionary ☺

Keep working on spreading good info, I appreciate your work!

People in charge of the systems collecting these "extortion fees" (politicians, monarchs, bureaucrats, etc.) also get caught hiding away huge amounts of money (often earned through extorting such fees or abusing their positions trading money for services). I think it's a good thing that hypocrisy like this is coming out, be it on propaganda news or in your local newspaper. I believe transparency on this field is a good thing, and that it's actually necessary for opening people's eyes and kickstart changes that are much needed. But I may be wrong.

Nice read, thank you.

What You Should Know About The Paradise Papers Psyop. I like it


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Your post is extraordinary. Everybody born frees but government brainwash and makes people their property. Yes as you mentioned banks are going to crash... good interview.

It's a scheme to get the average man mad that someone is getting taxed less. Really we shouldn't want to enforce more taxes on the rich, we should push for a global 'paradise.' We shouldn't be shutting down tax havens. That's exactly what the bankers want.

Great post! A whole box of truth in the interview.

Democracy is broken in the age of propaganda and mass hypnosis.

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