On The Road To Freedom: Jeff Berwick And The Cash Flow Ninja Discuss The Future of Liberty

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While I was in Belgrade, Serbia, last week, I spoke with the “Cash Flow Ninja” M. C. Laubscher and we had a chance to talk about several interesting topics including Liberland.

I gave an overview of my thoughts about the future of the newly formed anarcho-capitalist nation, and we talked about my ambassadorship.

Later in the interview I had a chance to touch upon such topics as; US government record deficit under Trump, Trump’s wars and sanctions, foreign entanglements, state bankruptcies, how Social(ist) (In)security is a complete Ponzi scheme, the massive student loan debt bubble, and a coming US hyperinflation.

Then of course, we couldn’t neglect the cryptocurrency space which is growing dramatically and currently sits at an all-time high market capitalization around $143,404,425,192.

More specifically, I give my opinion regarding the recent Bitcoin forking event and Bitcoin Cash, plus the future of altcoins, EOS vs Ethereum, and how Steem can handle massive transaction volume.

You won’t want to miss every key details M. C. and I cover, so check out the full interview here:

If you still haven’t climbed aboard the cryptocurrency (r)evolution, you can always check out my free four-video webinar which even comes with an offer to send you your first $50 worth of bitcoin. It’s the best and easiest way to get started in bitcoin.


My husband and I are invested in several alt coins but we haven't taken the BTC plunge yet. Just watched your video and we are really thinking we need to get in ASAP and just look at it for the long run, especially because of how volstile the US economy is becoming as you said. Great interview, thanks for sharing!

Liberland is veeery interesting.

If they become like hongkong and embraces blockchain this would really be awesome!!

I watched this video again and I want to be optimistic, but I feel this happening to be a bit of a stretch and very unlikely.

Anybody listened to 1.5x Speed? XD

Jeff sorry but if you write "around $143,404,425,192" then you dont need to write the exact dollar. Around $143 billion would be enough. You have been in indoctrination camp for to long :-)


yes sir u right on it point and also i think about the btc again on craziest mood is being like only start btc drama again and never this split btc in to parts @dollarvgilante sir

Nice conversation.

Hi Jeff love your work. But the biggest lie of them all is the world could possibly be flat!! Do you think the world is flat? I know this sounds absurd but it's all over net surely it should be looked into. Can you imagine how much money NASA has gone through and they could be full of shit.

Keep up the excellent work developing that country Jeff. Im interested in getting the free $50 of Crypto Jeff!

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That 50 is though to get, I couldn't find the last 4th video

Jeff, how do you see the possibility of citizenship in that new state? do you think if its too successful Europe, USA, Russia, or else, could just use a single powerful bomb and get rid of it blaming terorists as usual ? Would you live and work there ? or would you just invest in some ideal world like Plato tried to do but keep you usual place in the Caribbean?
On the other hand it could be as successful as Singapur, Lichtenstein, Monaco, etc ..

Great video and you touched on some excellent points!
Road2freedom/ road2wisdom its all the same thing ;0)

just finish watching this interview, loved it. We really think we are free, but we're NOT!!

Hate to burst everyones bubble but Liberland is more like Fantasy Land it will never be affective. Unless they plan on putting a central bank in Liberland expect to be shut down by the Globalists

Trump should join Steemit. impressive offer of $50 Bitcoin, upvote and thanks for such offer.

Upvoted, re$teemed & following!

Excellent interview . hope you enjoyed your trip to Europe. Liberland is going to be a mecca for anarchists :)

good work and good job , the bitcoin is the future of crypto currency

how cool to have a anarchist nation

no 50$ :( XD

that's all you care about mate?

yeah sure, what are we all doing here? counting eggs?

Explain please for what they give money under the photo and how

Hey Jeff, since you are in Serbia, stop by for a beer and some chat, we have crazy anarchist needs over here!

You do have some good points, I agree about the student loans, inflation and the social security, but "Trump deficit" and "Trump's wars"? Seriously, like, do you really believe Trump had any influence on the current US situation? What is happening in the USA has started years ago, and should not be blamed on any US president, those guys have much less power than most people give them a credit for.

Thanks for the information .. i am happy to see this news .. help devoted me

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