This Mexican Town of 30,000 Has Been Government-Free For 7 Years

in anarchy •  3 months ago

This Mexican Town of 30,000 Has Been Government-Free For 7 Years

See the video 'No Cops! No Government! Just Anarchy In Mexico Town', from We Are Change:

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Love some of your views on crypto but I have to stop following you because I really don't agree with the anrchism views you hold. Wish you the best but its just not for me.


he is the founder of the dollar vigilante and not stealing his own information and articles.

resteem for this post.

You guys are awesome with risking your lifes and reporting from Somalia, Simbabwe, Venezuela etc. - very interesting!

Greetings from ze socialist Germany

Certain communities in Latino America take this very seriously... No politicians... No cops if they infiltrate then private security will directly be at war with the police... This is how it should be.

Woow, such a brave cool guys! Thumbs up!

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One sided. Filtering out the negative. A cognitive distortion.

interesting, town elders and security patrols but no politicians or cops, I look forward to seeing how great that is.

Great stuff. Keep reporting on different liberty experiments like Liberland, sea-steading etc. These things are good news.

stunning information by@dollarvigilante

Sounds fantastic.......... get rid of all the "king pins" and their hired thugs and voila............peace.

Interesting video. I'm not surprised crime figures have fallen if there is nobody responsible for recording it. Would like to see a more in depth analysis of what has happened in this town. Also would be really interesting to find out how they convinced the government (its massive corruption issues are well documented) and organised criminals (which don't even listen to the government) from avoiding this town.

I think most sensible communities would like to see evidence that their lives would be improved from overthrowing their local government before they decide to take such measures.

Video was worth a watch but sorry - not convinced in regards to the conclusions reached

Be interesting to see if this would actually work long term.

Be interesting to see if this would actually work long term.

No Not anarchy as this guy is trying to lead people into believing! They kicked out the criminals and the justice system that they say was toothless and installed their own armed patrols and others towns have been reported doing something similar such as Tancitaro.

This guy may preach anarchy but some of those types really don't practice what they preach and instead come right back to modern civilizations to live off all the conveniences and money systems like everyone else. When we seem them move to such places like he wanted to see and report on such as this town and stay there, then we can believe them. Why leave paradise once its finally found eh? lol 🙂

That was the year that residents, most of them indigenous and poor, waged an insurrection and declared self-rule in hopes of ridding themselves of the ills that plague so much of Mexico: raging violence, corrupt politicians, a toothless justice system and gangs that have expanded from drug smuggling to extortion, kidnapping and illegal logging.

This sounds like something that could be tried in other communities around the world! That sounds like a great place in which anarchy is already working, like Christiania in Denmark and our nation Liberland! I believe that humanity can be saved of the disease of statism in our lifetime! We just need to redpill enough people! Great work dude, keep on! :D

Im mexican, join me if you want the tour xD

Fascinating. Thanks for visiting and sharing. Upvoted and resteemed.

thanks. Great concept that most people have never heard of! lol.
Just missed Anarchapulco 2018 and hope to be there 2019.

I hope the people in that town have their own guns to protect themselves and their families. As far as I know you guys were in Africa recently including Zimbabwe but did not make it to South Africa ? It would be great if you could make it there some time.