Anarchists, Big Business and "Price Gougers" Helping Texans Through The Flood

in anarchy •  8 months ago

Before I begin, let me say that here at TDV we don’t look to take advantage of emergencies to promote our worldview.

But, when we do see totally wrong information being spread widely we feel an obligation to correct it.

And, the topic of “price gouging” during the Texas flooding is a perfect example.

The internet, and of course the mainstream TELL-LIE-VISION programming, has been inundated with outrage that people are selling needed items during an emergency at a markup.

Most of those who are complaining likely have no knowledge of economics or if they do, it is an understanding warped by a Keynesian outlook that was taught to them during their 12 years of government indoctrination or the 4 years of college propaganda they received shortly thereafter.

Price gouging is an example of the free market at work. Not only is price gouging not a bad thing, but it is absolutely imperative for the greater good of those afflicted by the situation.

Natural disaster situations usually come with an increased desire for certain goods, which as a consequence of the calamity are in limited supply.

By jacking up prices, producers weed out the consumers that need a product less urgently. In turn, this keeps products on the shelves for those who are in dire need of said product and enables those to access them who otherwise couldn’t if everyone was stocking up willy nilly on every product in sight at regular prices.

In other words, the consumers who less urgently desire these goods, have a guide for rational economic calculation.

For instance, rather than buying milk which is usually more expensive than water, a person may choose to just buy water instead. And because they decided to forego buying the milk they perhaps won’t buy any cereal to go with it. Maybe they would choose to buy oatmeal instead since it can be made with the water.

This means that the people who need goods the most will get them, albeit at a higher cost and not because producers and consumers are moral, intelligent, or generous. It's because such a clearing of markets, or rational economic calculation, is based upon prices in the free market.

And, just as importantly, with higher prices, producers are incentivized to make more of their product and to go through the extra effort to get the product to those in need.

Whereas if the price is held artificially low there is no financial incentive for producers to go through the trouble of getting their product to those in need.

This is why grocery stores are often left with no products available in times of emergency or in highly socialist or communist countries like Venezuela. When you artificially force a price lower than what the market demands, it increases the incentive for those who do not desperately need it to buy it and for those who produce it to not produce it.

In other words, the exact opposite of what you would want to happen.

And when an entire population is uneducated, by design, in the government indoctrination camps about economics they will clammer for the very thing that will make matters worse for the people on the ground. And demand that those who are trying to help be arrested.

While the public is admonishing the government to arrest the very people trying to help the situation they are also being inundated with propaganda about how the government is the sole entity saving most of the people.

This is very far from the truth. Thousands of stories of people helping each other can be found on the internet but they’ll rarely be featured in mainstream media.

Just look at all these individuals lining up to help.

Instead, the media will focus on how the mayor, the governor and even the president of the US are all coming to the rescue.

It’s worth mentioning though that the mayor decided not to evacuate Houston because the roads couldn’t handle the traffic volume, which begs the question, if the citizens pay taxes for their precious roads, why can’t the roads accommodate everyone?

And, as we know from Hurricane Sandy, FEMA actually closed its operations “due to weather.”

And during Hurricane Katrina, in New Orleans, under the stewardship of FEMA, the Superdome became a place to go starve and get raped. And that’s while the National Guard was out confiscating people’s guns so they were left helpless to thieves and thugs.

Barely mentioned will be big business who, as it often does, has come to the aid of the community which it is a part of.

Like Walmart.

And, Anheuser-Busch - another private donor - is helping by pausing beer production to package 500,000 cans of emergency drinking water to help the victims.

Meanwhile, Mexico has even offered to send help but it is likely to be turned down by Trump. That is what fascist/communist dictators do… they turn away foreign help fearing that it will show how inept they are.

And, don’t forget that the biggest helpers in almost every crisis situation are the insurance companies. Nearly half the losses in Hurricane Sandy ended up being recouped thanks to this free market invention.

And, anarchists are also coming to the rescue.

Much like when Acapulco had a serious flood, we crowdfunded and manned operations to help the people in need, the same is being done in Texas.

Our friends at the The Crypto Show and have fired up an RV loaded with food, water, and other supplies to help hurricane victims all paid for with cryptocurrency. Two nights ago the show’s listeners decided to contribute 10 BTC to help individuals struggling with the hurricane’s destruction. In addition to the $42,000 donation,’s CEO, Roger Ver, donated bitcoin towards the effort as well.

Danny Sessom (follow him and his recovery effort on Facebook here) is manning the operation and he took the opportunity to mock the mainstream media’s view on cryptocurrencies while he was at it.

He even took a small swipe at Peter Schiff who says that cryptocurrencies are a scam and as useless as Beanie Babies.

If you wish to donate to Danny’s effort you can with Bitcoin (1LnYrNLReuVH8juU1Cs21NTQ9uwqPcQXki)

Or Dash (XqDcecymX1LaTG4DJNgJfRCcaBpZMgWCbA).

We’ll be donating the funds we earn from this post on and will double it with our own Steem holdings as well.

Danny and the guys from the Crypto Show are regulars at Anarchapulco, which will be held again from February 15-18th, 2018. And you can get a discount on registration if you register before September 1st at

In closing, though, you’ll never see a headline like ours on propaganda outlets like CNN. You’ll never hear the truth of how price gougers, private people, big business, insurance companies and anarchists are contributing to help in times of emergency.

There won’t be any movies made about how raising the price of scarce supplies ended up ensuring that all those who really needed it received them. That’s because Hollywood is just another propaganda arm of government.

And, none of the women being saved by mostly men this week in Texas seem to be complaining too much about the evil patriarchy.

And, other than the Huffington Post, which can find a racist angle to a story on kittens, there is no major race problem during the emergency in Texas. People come together, for the most part, in times of need.

That’s anarchy. And it’s beautiful.

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.........................................price gouging :((

100% agreed with you on "price gouging" not really existing. Supply and demand, bitches.


Brooo, I didn't know you was here on steemit. It's Charles from youtube, been following you for years haha



I think your views on price gouging is really warped. It is ILLEGAL for good reason as inflated pricing keeps the much needed items out of reach of those who need it most. The wealthy can afford to pay for it and still do, making it unavailable to those who need it most. Those who price gouge the poor are nothing but greedy opportunists, inconsiderate, and a poor excuse of a human being. And just out of curiosity, how much BTC did you donate for a good cause? I'm guessing none.


Berwick is exactly right here. Price gouging is the only way to ensure that people who need things the most are the ones that actually get them. Say that the price of a case of water was limited to $10 when the market demand and supply equilibrium is set at for example $90. What is to stop someone who doesn't really need that water that badly to come in and buy the store out, and leave the people who actually needed the water helpless? Nothing. Sustaining a free market equilibrium is the only way to ensure that goods and services are allocated to exactly whoever is willing to pay for them. What Texas needs right now is for the free market to just work like it should, less they want it to end up looking like Venezuela.


The wealthy can afford to pay for it, but didn't, making it available for those who need it.


I think you can't read. Stop forcing your demented views on others using violence you sicko.


i'm right there with ya on the price gouging. i think the concept/idea of the "free market" goes completely out the window in the middle of something like this when EVERYTHING else is completely tilted out of normalcy.


I've been through one of the worlds worst disasters in 2013 (Super typhoon Yolanda) in the Philippines where price gouging would have devastated many more familes. There should be absolutely NO profiteering during a humanitarian crisis such as this one or any other. Maybe Berwick should live through an experience so he can see the light of his inhumane economics.


This post made me really sad. Man, where's the humanity? I know corporations are not human, but ethical business has a part to play here. CEO's need to enforce ethical business or be taken down for exploitation. Nasty

Very good article. As steemit increases in 2018 (and yes, it's 100% going to increase... I have proof and examples on my blog today)...

Doing what you do will be even easier next year. But I must commend you for what you are doing to help, and also, to bring a spotlight on the situation.

Someone mentioned CNN to me the other day. I asked them what CNN means. That's the way it is for me now. I look at them like the National Enquirer or other tabloids at the supermarket.

I'm glad I watched this all the way through. At first, I was hesitant because I felt that marking up prices in an emergency was wrong, but you made an excellent point about people hoarding and leaving those in need without. Excellent video as usual :D

FREE MARKETS are what Humanity needs. I have lived and been involved in non Free Markets most of my life. If we had a REAL FREE MARKET do you think the price of SILVER would be 1/3 of it's 2011 high value, when it is the Achilles Heel of the Banksters ?? Governments and Banks need to keep you POOR to keep you on the Plantation..................Keep helping to enlighten people @jeffberwick

Isn't It interesting how these packs of water that people claim is "price gouging", actually cost less per bottle than a bottle of water in Disney World, or Universal Studios?


or in hard rock live event in middle of summer :D


On any given normal day, Yes... during a humanitarian crisis, No! Get out of your basement and know the difference.


So everyday is OK to sell overpriced items but during a crisis everything should be on sale?

I get things become a necessity but let's face it most people do not prepare prior to a hurricane or a rainy day... Period. It is their own responsibility to prepare for the worst. If someone takes advantage of a sale and ends up making money from it during a time of crisis then the market has spoken. Sure people can give things out for free but things aren't free.

Another fellow libertarian/anarchist who is making great voluntary efforts in Houston is Kory Watkins, who is starting a bid to run for Texas governor (I believe he plans to run for un-governor the way Kokesh is running for not-president, but you'd have to contact him directly to get the facts on that) He's definitely rallying those who can to volunteer to help and is down there now doing it. He could be an interesting guest on your show- he's friends with Derrick Broze and hosted him on the Conscious Resistance tour this summer- Interesting article Jeff, coming in at an angle I'd never thought of- thanks for posting.


I follow Kory Watkins on Facebook. What an amazing person! I second your motion, no matter what it is, if it means giving more attention to the love and peaceful message Kory brings. Here, here!

Good read. There are good folks out there trying to make a difference. However it is sad when some take advantage of the vulnerable and helpless. Price gouging is so wrong. They will get their karma. It is a matter of time. God sees everything and sorts it out in the end. He is the final judge. Thanks again.

I wonder how the preppers are doing, literally riding the wave or selling their goods and taking a trip somewhere. I do feel bad for the victims of looters as they really didn't have a choice on that. Imagine a safe in a raft being dragged by a boat and put on tv.


I think in all honesty that the people that were prepared for the incoming storm are doing much better than those who were not. Therefor price gouging only concerns those who didn't think rationally, and therefor now have to let the free market dictate the price. They call them "preppers" for a reason, they're prepared for the free market to take over in a case such as this.

This is bad, really bad. I just hope Trump accepts the help from Mexico also.

bank robbery is an initiative of amateurs. True professionals establish a bank- Bertolt Brecht

Great post with lots of information. Thank you for sharing.

So looks cool

Really interestin point of view i would say!

i agree that price gouging shouldn't be illegal, it is unethical. but price gougers do teach a valuable lesson..... be prepared


I don't think the children and families who have nothing can access their atm while swimming for their life. Where's the humanity.

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Nice to see your blog... this is my first walking here... thank you for sharing

The system so unbalanced we are sick of it!

i am so glad this platform exist where we can find the real truth ,not censored

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When it come on climate change and enviromental barbarism Trump and Berwick are equally deluded and stupid. I wonder who is going to understand growing global catastrophe first. President of USA and if in time become new Roosvelt or Jeff Betwick englightened anarchist :/// more what potential future is on horizont best informational panel around the world.
Harvey has happened thanks to warmer Seas as would be many more Harveys humanity will need to awaken and will awaken in time, or we put humanity on extiintion level through various kind of nightmares??

Great article. Thanks for injecting some solutions-based common sense. Upvoted and resteemed.

Yea man, its all about the free market. Lets all get rich with cryptos!

I lost my password. :/

This is my new account. (Reaching out to followers.) I was previously @ZTetrahedron369.

Thanks Jeff very much appreciated. I'm just now getting a chance to look at this I've been kind of overwhelmed with delivering all the food and supplies. Aside from money anyone in the affected area specially Houston currently you can help with finding the people in need would be greatly appreciated. Believe it or not when I go to the main shelters for the government Jackson thirds of gaurding doors they act like there's nothing wrong they even turn me away for donations. But the rule following that I am, fuckem I go outside and find the people in hand it out anyway. It's kind of sickening watching the government try to monopolize charity. It's obviously to print them selves or some sort of deity .

voted to you, thank you

thanks for the updates...

Upvoted and resteemed this post so more people know about this post.
Hope that this will be your most upvoted post.

Interesting .. We need deprogram.

I did not see the video link above so I'll add it here..


I appreciated this free market perspective offered in this video you posted. It IS interesting that the higher pricing "price gouging" would actually keep away the people who didn't need it most so that the supplies are most efficiently distributed. Plus, there were some other good points, too, and some interesting speculation and commentary. I wonder if Wal-mart gave away all of those beer-canned waters or if they sold any. Probably gave it away but I wonder if it's actually mainly to do the good or for bettering their goodwill/name or getting tax deductions. ?

Dane has reported on evidence of harp signals. This storm may have been held in place.


My God help the people of houston who have been rendered homeless


There's no doubt geoengineering has been used. I'm not sure how much of an influence those haarp type antenna can have but they also clearly have an influence.

According to one model Irma could become category 5.

I thought my next post would be about cryptocurrencies again but I might other fundamentals. I'll see how it come up.


hmm... interesting. Never heard of Dane or Geoengineeringwatch til this. It was some unexpected evidence presented here. I'm somewhat surprised but I guess not that surprised that I don't hear people talking about this topic... like, at all. Good ole Steemit

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Thank god for Jeff. It warms my heart to know that there are people like him in the world fighting for freedom. You are an inspiration my friend. Lets all get behind Jeff and spread the word of anarchy and free will.

And, other than the Huffington Post, which can find a racist angle to a story on kittens

That earned a chuckle from me this morning. Excellent post! I've seen it play out across FB and other social media, and I've sat down and explained the concept of how disasters impact supply and demand, and how driving up prices preserves resources so that they can be more efficiently allocated.

It's a point that bears repeating.

Thank you all for upvoting this post! We raised $189.25 in Steem and I doubled that amount from my own Steem dollar holdings and sent $378.50 to @cryptoshow as donation for recovery in the Texas flood.


You could have used your online presence to enhance exposure to these poor people's plight rather than justify an inhumane capitalist stance. Humans are capable of empathy at times like these. When all you want to do is financially exploit these people or justify a selfish ethos, it just exposes what sort of human you are. Thanks for raising money, but this doesn't justify your philosophy. It is obvious people support this philosophy of yours. Would be great to show more humanity

You can spend $50 to $100 dollars on an MSR water filter and some bottles. That means you could just drink the water that you are standing in.

Commenting to support the fundraising effort.

Peace. Love. Anarchy.

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Unfortunately disasters create opportunity and some people take so much advantage out of this that this is us actually horrible.

Great job to Roger Ver, The Crypto Show and for their thoughtful acts of kindness donating food to whom need it.