Thanks a lot. Unless my eyes deceive me, it looks like some people are already making pretty good money off of their content. Am I missing something or is that legit? I saw one post with a potential payout of like 30,000 dollars. Is that legit?

Basically, yes. But note that the payout number you see is for the post as a whole (last I heard, at least), including all the comments, etc. It's not all for the OP. Also, that's paid out partially as Steem Dollars, and partially as Steem Power, so it's not all available to sell immediately. The SD can be sold and eventually converted to FRNs or another crypto, albeit with some exchange fees and price fluctuations. The SP ramps up your voting power in the network, and can eventually be powered down to STEEM, which can be sold.

Indeed. Thanks for the response. I heard that it breaks down at about 50% to the upvoters and you can the other 50%, which goes to SD and SP. Thanks for even more clarification.

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