Voluntaryism is a Great Idea, but can it Work? Any Examples Showing This?

in anarchy •  2 years ago

Lots of Steemit users like the idea of Anarchy, but are there any good examples showing that it is viable? I can find brief periods in time where governments fell and anarchy remained by default, but I have yet to find any example of deliberate anarchist groups that have been successful for any reasonable amount of time.

United States of Anarchy by iR3B3L on DeviantArt

My questions to Steemit Anarchists:

  • Are there any decent examples of centralized groups that have intentionally tried an anarchist living that have been successful (comfortable existence without homelessness etc)?
  • Are there any examples that came close but were halted before being able to be successful?

This would be a good discussion I think as I know it would interest me to hear more about this. As someone who enjoys the idea of voluntaryism, but can't understand how it would work at scale, I would love to hear more from the people who have done the research on governments and history.

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There are several small communities in the northwest that are very successful. You won't hear about them because they want to be left alone. I know first hand of one town that has a mayor but no police, and the people just do what they want. Bars stay open after the "law" says the must close, pot is smoked in the middle of town, there is a gun in every home and many carry them on them at all times, no traffic lights, about the only thing I know that is still statist, is there is still a sales tax.