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We are living in a moment which offers the best opportunity in the history of humanity to build a scalable, location independent media production career.


Part 1 of an ongoing series exploring the art and business of storytelling.

It is possible to build a sustainable career with salary, benefits and retirement by providing valuable content for your niche audience. Not only that, but with good design, it can be as big or small as we want, and you can probably run it with a considerable freedom of location.

Success is by design.

Dreams of making art so amazing that you get noticed by someone that comes in and raises you up from the ashes like a Phoenix is pretty much never going to happen. You are going to have to do that for yourself.

Luck does play a part in success for many people, but only if we are already positioned to take advantage of the luck that may come our way.

Rules for success:

  • Do your homework.
  • Find your audience - niche.
  • Design your brand and your business.
  • Build your network from the core out.
  • Hustle. - Every. Single. Day.

Continually revisit these points and be prepared to make changes regularly while minding the core message of your brand and business needs.

Great news about today's tech economy

Today's tech economy provides us with lots of great tools. Many of the social tools are free (or as we see with tools like Steemit and LBRY, even pay us) while content creation tools like cameras and computers are becoming better and less expensive all the time. Add to that, there is a growing availability of educational opportunities directly accessible from industry leaders.

We are living in an age where it pays to share knowledge and skills. Sometimes, it even pays quite well to actually give it away.

How do we take advantage of all of these opportunities and design a way to create a sustainable business doing and sharing what we love?

Next up: Do Your Homework. Building your audience and brand with an effective distribution is a lot of hard work. We have to design a plan, or we are not going to fully capitalize on our efforts.

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