Anarchy Today - Part 4 - Anarchy in the Blockchain II

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The Dialectics of Liberation: Anarchism, Existentialism, and Decentralism.
Anarchy Today - Part 4 - Anarchy in the Blockchain II

"Fiat currencies are backed by laws and guns" - charlie777pt

This is part II of the post about Anarchy in the Blockchain (part 1) that was too long and had to be split into 2 parts

2 - Freedom Fighters or Terrorists?

Anarchy always defies the existing social order with new undesirable ideas, and hates the mechanisms of violence, persecution or repression of any kind because most anarchists also proclaim the right to self-defense as a principle inherent in any peaceful anarchist activist, and whenever there is an attack on their physical integrity, it can sometimes trigger a shock that leads to cycles of violence and retaliation.

Any form of social innovation has a long way to go with the fight of unfolding a better reality that the existing social order, until the day it becomes a boring evidence to everybody, and after new seeds of a challenge will arise against what has become common sense and conformity for everybody.

Most of Anarchists put their individual rights against society organized power need to establish "social order", and they will always be considered Terrorists by the ones that still didn't cross the barrier of finding in their inner self, the natural anarchist we are all at birth, before the scissors of education obscure it.

The Anarchist inner Being is a unique nature's work of art and is "apolitical", and human freedom is the only way to change our increasing complex reality, as it is impossible to deal with it using a centralized hierarchical model.

The Blockchain, foster participation, and libertarianism, as well as some political philosophies like collectivism, individualism, and anarchism, to make a revolutionary change at the social, political, economic and humanitarian levels, maximizing personal freedom by eliminating central control constraints.

The ownership of opened platforms is collectivist, but there is a place for individualism, from the extreme egoist anarchy to anarcho-capitalists, and at the same time there are communities with common goals, where there is human associativism or mutualism, and some people establish contracts with an agreement that may burn some personal freedom in exchange for a better indivudual or collective benefit.
The Blockchain technologies enable self-managed communal cooperation without a central authority, that can be used as a personal liberation and social transformation tool, using decentralized methods of governance of the eco-systems of crypto-economics.

3 - Blockchain enables Anarchy

The Blockchain allows decentralization in a non-paternalistic, non-hierarchical and collective-owned platforms, settled in an a-geographical and a-territorial Anarchic world of Cyberspace, to manage the global goals of human spirit beyond material value and false beliefs in compulsory consumerism and possessions not needed for survival.

The State is using all its means to contain and stop the "Blocknet" (Internet of the blockchains) movement, and it is attacking all the points of exchange between the decentralized blockchains and the connections to centralized banking and finance.

Besides that the technology of cryptocurrencies and encrypted messages has decades of a theory of development, only today the infrastructures are capacitated to materialize it, since Nakamoto appeared and started a practical model that works with the problems of any early technology, in the initial phase.

Blockchain citizens and communities can develop social-economic relationships in a trusted eco-system for interaction, authentication, and verification, and de-construct the culture of third part centralized authorities, that are not needed in person2person transactions, just to extract value and exercise control.

Like the Revolution generated by the "Printed Word" that spread new ideas and liberty, that killed the monarchy and some hegemonic religious influences, the Web interactive "Electronic-Word" is the vortex to bring back the power to the people using decentralization and the blockchain technology to create a big anarchic cyberspace world.
The decentralized media word of blockchain communities(Steemit, trybe to mention some), as journalists of Earth Citizenship and apologists of Truth, can revolutionize and shape a new World.

"The worst attempt against authority is to think by ourselves" - charlie 777pt

4 - Anarchy is the end of Wars

Any country that buys arms from the United States gains the right to attack any person or invade any country because it has purchased a Certificate of Sanctification of its actions, and countries that can not afford to buy weapons from the imperialists are now suffering from the problem of being classified as "Terrorists" and become open territory used on the battlefield or to be targeted for "justifiable" invasion or genocide.

The mighty corporate powers, nation-states, and military feed their economy of self-interet on a river of blood, and its citizens are supporting it, by maintaining belic governments.

New trends in self-determination and affirmation, time-bank economy, participatory human rights in budgeting with community assemblies, are the best way to replace the actual democracy, based in lobbying from corporate power with a participation limited to the bureaucratic act of voting, justifying our non-involvement in the process of decision making.

“Blockchain is more than just ICT innovation but facilitates new types of economic organization and governance. Suggests two approaches to the economics of the blockchain: innovation-centered and governance-centered. Argues that the governance approach—based in new institutional economics and public choice economics—is most promising, because it models blockchain as a new technology for creating spontaneous organizations, ie new types of economies.” - Primavera De Filippi, Economics of blockchain with Sinclair Davidson, Jason Potts

The actual systems of production, distribution, consumption, and recycling, were appropriated by corporate and state power leeching systems, working with the interests of multinationals, banking, and military, just to create "negative value" based in Earth destruction and wars devastating human beings and scrambling our eco-system just for the sake of profit.

All Anarchist will agree that we need a more preserved harmonious care of our planet Earth, mingling diversified cultures and communities in consensual definition of the benefits for global humanity, to promote participated sustainable economic development in an integrated perspective of - individuals, communities, economy, and environment - reinforcing the personal identity, freedom, and quality of life.

We have to preserve and add value to the human patrimony and resources of the ecosystem, s and to the cultural identity based in total decentralized local and global individual and communal decision making, to support the quality of life in a dynamic, inclusive, and competitive-cooperative society interacting in a trusted eco-system.

Anarchism shares a common commitment to the five principles of individual freedom - social and economic equality, free association, and participation with cooperation and human solidarity - to create a stateless society without classes, free of oppression and exploitation, that is the genesis of a future liberated, wealthy, and creative world.


How the blockchain will radically transform the economy by Bettina Warburg

The Dialectics of Liberation: Anarchism, Existentialism and Decentralism.
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