Anarchy Today - Part 1 - The Era of Extremisms

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Dialectics of Liberation: Anarchism, Existentialism, and Decentralism
Anarchy Today - Part 1 - The Era of Extremisms

"We are all equal, because we are all different" - charlie777pt


We are living in an era of Extremes at the political, ecconomical and social level, that are the symptoms of a sick society and pre-announce the possible disruption and collective uncertainity.
Media and Education behavioral conditioning by mass indoctrination is deforming the public representation with conflicting views in the the Reality consensus.

There is a feeling of tension in the air, that we can see in periods of descridited political parties and electoral systems, with new actors emerging with populisms and emotional manipulation of the crowd, to blame some groups for the internal instability, transforming human beings into "enemies", that we collectively approve their elimination and persuit, to distract us from the fact that politicians have no solutions for the mess they created.
This kind of environment always create doors for anti-democratic powers to invade and take over all the spheres of humanity, to concentrate authority and decision-making, without oversight of the citizens.

The ambience of these times is very close to those that preceded the rise of the fascists in Portugal, Spain, Italy and Germany, after the first World War, that planted the seeds of a second world war.
After social confusion the fascists's take power in Europe, with the consent of people exchanging personal rights for political and government exercise of power, permutated for a false peace because the tensions will keep growing, being contained by a solid power that sooner or later explode into gas, and authority vanishes, starting a new fight to get the power.

1- Populism: The wind of Totalitarianism

Strong populism in politicians are the first sign of upcomung hegemonist regimes, that are associated with extermist use of power, progressively subtracting individual rights, normally in an envirorement of social unstability and insecurityy, where politicians use escape-goats based in race, gender, culture, groups of internal political resistance, or simply refuse anyone the right to think differently.

Populism elect "victims", as sacrificial lambs to keep the mob united under the hate of "boogieman", the "enemies" that are accused of being the cause of that civilization self-decay.
Populism promises peace with war.
Populism is the sign of upcoming totalitarian regims, and today is most oriented to the far right wing, wich ultimate goal is fascism.

Anarchy tends to pop up at any state of social disruption, proposing dreams for the future of action, but it is not a recipe for an extraordinary society, but an acomplishment to construct a realizable utopia.
Anarchy makes a gun out of your conscience, and that's why there is no place for activisms based in taking power by force or use organized violence by collective groups ( peaceful Occupy and strikes are not violence) because extrem behaviors only feed the strengthing of the System and reinforce its authority.

The "Anarch" in my Anarchist, wants to be anonymous, unknown, unspoted, ungrouped and untraced, so that I can be a mole undermining the Power and the State, but accepting temporary voluntary engagement in common goal projects, trading autonomy for collective agreement, when there is possible potentialization for the mutual objective, may it be selfish, or for collective benefits for the whole society.
That's why the "Anarchy" has never been so important, if we could join the ideological dispersion of enthusiastic anarchists, to help unity in a movement that by nature there is no organized central leadership, that implicates normally a dissolution in time.

Fascist and rich entrepreneurs with populist charismas are taking power, and making extreme irracional decisions, manipulating the crowds emotions with radical ideas and extremism to manipulate human values and direct people to burning "whitches".
There is a strange coincidence that when there is social disatisfaction and political unrest, anarchisms spontaneously emerge and then oddly, when power consolidates and concentrate in extremist forms, soon the anarchic movements disappear.
Like we have seen in the last post of anarcho liberalism, the fight between anarchists and socialists led to power vertical regimes of left(Russia) or right wing (Spain).

All verticalist authoritharian governements, left or right, are fed and consolidated with the subtraction of people's rights, using xenophobe, racic or gender motives, like all the decaying imperialisms, with the logic of creating enemies to make war as a "holy" justifyable homicide, with guilt-free.
Extremist movements always want to silence the voices of anarchism because are the heralds of freedom and the last path of resistence against tyranny.
Populism is spreading all over Europe, mainly in the right wing , and in the US with Trump, as well as the "police" or "military" "democracies" in Asia.

Italy's populist Five Star Movement and anti-immigrant League parties win the elections in Italy, and the Populist Right is rising all over Europe, and at the same time the old political parties are loosing space by the emergence of new ones driving the electorate.
European citizens are increasingly being seduced by populist radical-right parties in the last 3 decades, with special incidence in Eastern Europe and Scandinavia, but with the exceptions of the Iberian Peninsula (Portugal and Spain)

The Populist leaders say they incarnate the power of will of the people, normally with a targeted enemy, like the liberal elites in governement, or the refugees asking for political asylum.
Politics of war and aggression of populist politicians of imperialist countries, have created new kinds of radicalisms, that are used to justify and exacerbate hate to create new extermisms including the so-called violent terrorism.

It's the Populist politicians that are making constant terrorism and war, without any concern with civilians, as vicitims that have to run away from this countries in chaos with the bombings, assassinations with drones, invasion, manipulation and interference in internal political autonomy of other countries.

2 - Totalitariansm, Radicalism and Populism

Extreme social-economic and political instability leads to a crisis preceding the fall of old decaying powers, that most of the times are substituted by extreme coercive centralisms or colectivisms.

Extremism, Radicalism and Populism are caracteristics of a social life announcing the emergence of pre-fascist regimes, that are based in social and economical inequality and unjustice.
Populism and Radicalism are the brothers of political extremism, with symptoms of political violence that can be seen in the extreme totalitarian organizations of terrorism and hooliganism, working like militias that can be seen in political parties, big football clubs and drug maffias, with strong preparation for mobilisation for violent behaviors, bullying, and confrontation with even with the police.

3- Anarchism as flourishing Ideas for a fruithful Future

Anarchy and individualism are the best ways to deal with upcoming complex society, to create a better harmony between One and All.
Anarchism is like a seed, waiting for the sun of revolutions, to shape the newcoming plant of society, and when the sun starts to vanish they make flowers for the fruits of new ideas and leave new seeds in the ground , than dies and wait for the new sun to shine and bring new seedlings for human wealth in social innovation.

And that's when the Reign of Anarchy reveals itself, showing up from silence, with new ideas for innovative societies with a place for free people, suggesting the primacy of the individual over society as a more equilibrated evolution based in the difference of any human being.
Because out of historical revolutionary periods, when goverment power is stabilized. only the voices of non-revolutionary proposals and institutionalized organizations have repercussions in the majority of the audiences.

The main theories of Anarchy are more focused on autonomy, decentralization, and communal federalism are today's practical alternatives to authoritarianism, centralism, and statism, to erradicate the control of economy and social life.
In the next posts we are going to talk about one of the mosts fascinating influence in all my previous "anarchists", the enlightment of Crypto-Anarchism, that I happilly see materialized today in the Blockchain, a new practical anarchism, not just an utopic ideology.

The Dialectics of Liberation: Anarchism, Existentialism and Decentralism.
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