Anarchy is freedom

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The idea of a world without government scares most people but they don't realize that the government is causing most of their problems. People hate taxes but still justify paying them. They don't like the laws but still justify a cops actions every time they shoot a unarmed person. The level of stockholm syndrome in the US is astounding. So many people cling to every word the state tells them as truth. How do we wake these people up?


“...almost all fortunes are made out of the capital and labour of other men than those who realize them. Indeed, large fortunes could rarely be made at all by one individual, except by his sponging capital and labor from others.”

He's right and that's why he encouraged people to work for themselves but at the same time how many people are willing to put in that kind of effort to do so. It's a lot easier to show up voluntarily at a job created by someone else and complain your a wage slave. Most large corporations such as Walmart pay their employees as low as they legally can while taking in government handouts. A lot of small businesses don't make a huge fortune off of their employees labor and most of them pay better