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RE: National Security in the Blockchain Era

in #anarchy6 years ago

Excellent post. Out of all the issues we face, this has probably been the biggest one on my mind the past couple years because I think the police and the military are two of the last institutions left that will hold the state together, they are the two institutions that people will be the least likely to want to give up - especially conservatives who claim to be about small government, but in reality worship state power in the form of police/military. It's a complicated issue, I hope we can get thousands or millions of people participating to figure out a solution. My other concern is that if the United States for example led the way in creating decentralized national security... what would happen with other superpowers like Russia and China. It seems as though they all need to be decentralizing on parallel timelines otherwise that could be dangerous as well... Are you aware of anarchist movements in countries like Russia or China and if so, what kind of growth they're having?


I don't really know about the anarchist movements in Russia or China but I would be fascinating to hear about what's happening on the inside. In many ways the need for this revolutionary technology is more needed in these oppressive regimes where dissent is punishable so DIRECTLY (here in the US it is more subtle). With blockchain technology, a decentralized, autonomous organization (DAO) could provide resistance to the State, making it so that there is no "head" to chop off: no bank accounts to freeze; no leader to imprison. I'll be exploring this idea more soon in the future!

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