Why can't we just dump the idea of governments altogether?

in #anarchy2 months ago


People think that I'm insane because I think that we should abolish the organized murder, theft, and rape machines that we call "governments" for some reason. They often say that I'm wrongheaded in my steadfast belief because people can't be trusted to act without oversight.

Well, yeah, people can't be trusted to act without oversight; but, your solution is to appoint those untrustworthy people as overseers? Ayn Rand was correct in her description of governments as holding a monopoly over the use of physical force over legally disarmed victims. Tolstoy was correct when he said that governments are collections of men who do violence to the rest of us.

Who do you think murdered more people in the twentieth century -- governments, or private actors? Even if you take away wars and executions, governments murdered several more times as many people as private actors.

If you're an illiberal leftist, and you think that Trump was literally Hitler, can you really tell me that I'm crazy for thinking that a new Ted Bundy could be given the keys to drive Western civilization while we're still living under this delusion that government is a good idea? We have a strong track record of murderers and psychopaths being given absolute power to run states as they see fit.

Why not just dump the whole idea all together?

No, anarchy isn't going to make things perfect; but, it'll prevent the manics of the world from obtaining that monopoly over the legalized use of violence.

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