Why Voting is worthless and contributes to the Illusion of Democracy

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Just because someone gave you the option to choose among a limited number of options, doesn't mean that you are effectively free.

It works the same also in marketing: would you buy model A with limited features and lower price or model B with more features and higher price? Anything you choose, the seller has already predicted that it will be a good deal for him.

The problem in the so-called Western Democracies is that whatever party or candidate you choose, nothing would change substantially.

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Many things will remain the same, Government after Government and candidate after candidate, like for example

  • corruption and bureaucracy
  • social inequality and middle class extinction
  • controlled and manipulative media
  • terrorism and subsequent military missions abroad
  • increasing taxation
  • restriction of rights and privacy nullification
  • big corporations and financial elites having the real power behind politicians

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Why nothing can be changed with Elections

There is some kind of natural selection, only the desired politicians arrive to the top.
Hard to expect someone really determined to change the status quo.
Sometimes someone that the system doesn't like may become politically influent, but, if it happens, he will be neutralized in different ways.

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If you decide to vote, you are giving legitimacy to the system

If you have to choose among a limited number of candidates and you think that none of them is worth voting, you should not vote. The number of the non-voters will increase and show that the majority of the population doesn't legittimate the actual Governments.

How the Real Change can happen

If you want a change you need to act individually. Many individual choices can create a global change.
Don't delegate it to external entities, give your own, personal contribution, take your own responsibility to improve the world you're living in.

The individual contribution may be small, but the sum of all the individual contributions can change the world. A global change can start from a single individual and spread very fast.

What Democracy really is?

It's the rule of the majority, and when majority is mislead by media and politics, it's easy to get it.
Also, the majority of voters may not always be the majority of the entire population.
Let the non-voting party (as the party of people who don't approve this kind of society) become the most voted.

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I mostly agree with you. It would be cool if everyone would just go out and vote for Mickey Mouse for president this year.

LOL, that's a cool idea!
Glad that not so many disagreed :)

LOL We had Dart Weider as a candidate ;D

this also means that if you vote, and the system harms someone, then you are culpable. i don't want to be held legally responsible for the unmitigated murder spasms of the state. voting is complicity. just say no.

I agree with you.
For me, the problem is not with legal responsibility but with moral.
Politicians will always promise some measures and eventually act in a different way, so don't think you can be legally responsible for what they actually do, but just for what they promise to do.
Going to vote means that you are giving moral and political legitimacy to the whole representative system.

I agree to a certain degree - definitely on a national level. But local elections are where I feel voting does count and real change can happen. Slowly. Very, very slowly. But once a third party or young blood start taking over local positions, it will start becoming easier to implement changes

That's also true, on a local level something may work.
But still to me the best way to implement changes is to change the individual attitude and choices.

i agree with what you said. and want to add I feel like my Vote is accountable and who ever wins an election those voters votes are also accountable.

The problem is the politician who gets voted in is Unaccountable. Once he is he can do whatever he wants. He may lose the next election but again the next one will do whatever they want.

Just like you said in the article, sorta.

What too many voters need to better understand that if they want to change the way their country functions and policies they need to spend their money at businesses and corporations that are more in line with their beliefs and what they want for the country. Because that is who and what controls the world.

Thank you so much!
This is what I think, we need to be aware of who we give our money, time and energy.

Four years ago I might have agreed with you. I was very active with the Ron Paul movement. There was much cheating by the GOP to preserve the status quo.

Then Trump came along, an outsider wanting to change the way government works. if you listen to his speeches you can tell he knows all about the Globalist agenda and how it is not good for the American people.

The GOP also tried to cheat to maintain the status quo, but Trump is not as much a gentleman as Ron Paul. He pushed back and won. Now he's up against the crooked democrats with their allies in the media.

Please at least consider what Trump has to say. Your vote for him really could make a difference. You might not agree with him on everything, but he's not your run of the mill globalist shill. The Globalists have been against him from day 1. That should tell you something.

Thank you for you feedback.
I'm from italy so I don't know too much about the whole US situation (and of course I can't vote there!)

But I also heard Trump is a guy which for the first time was able to candidate and promote using his own money, not lobbies financed for his campaign.

Still I think that he will be neutralized if he tries to really change things, or he will give up from trying to change them.

I think he might actually be more effective than that. I sure hope he wins so I can find out. And yes, the fact that he began by funding his own campaign is very important. It makes him free from the special interests that have basically controlled all our other leaders for at least the last few decades. I expect people will continue to try to neutralize him, just as they have been throughout his campaign. I also expect he will figure out a way to overcome that as president just as he's so far managed to overcome it during his campaign. He's definitely a different sort of candidate.

Trump has a better chance at changing the world from the outside using his influence then he does sitting in office. Were always going to be a bureaucracy and he will get tide up in paper work and red tape for as long as he in office just like all the other presidents. This limits the abilities of the C.n.C to do anything the remotely looks like real change before his term is up.

What kind of change do you think Trump can do better from the outside than as president? I'm wondering if you have something specific in mind.

Voting is just a means to placate the masses, similar to sports.

In latin they said panem et circenses ie keeping the masses content with ample food and entertainment.

Ive never voted and Ive been eligible for a really long time. Never thought the prez had any power he's just are panem et circenses, all government and news is. He or she is used to distract us for the good of the individuals who might profit and sometimes all though very rarely what some might consider the good of keeping society stable.

We have enough freedom as a individual to seek more freedom but it is unlikely we can enact universal freedom across the spectrum given the current rules of the game. I plan to be one of those rich profiteering bastards (my words not yours) You speak of. Maybe from there I can change the world for the better but I have no hope that a politician will do much more for us then maintain the status quo.

To change the world you don't really need to become rich (but it may help): just give your own contribution, and when everybody will, the world will be changed.

Being rich allows me a greater chance at success. I have some strategies for long term societal engineering. It requires money. If I wait for everybody else to contribute then I fall back into the trap of the bureaucracy. Remember folks Kings move faster then elected officials any day of the week.