Private Security & Me

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The first apartment I rented when I moved here to Norway was a pretty sweet one: Recently built, everything in  pristine condition. One of the first nights there I headed toward the door to the outdoor hallway for a smoke. Checked the pocket for my cigarettes and lighter. Opened the door and ran straight into a security guard, making the both of us slam straight to the ground!


We got up to our feet, me apologizing the whole time and the guard assuring me she was fine. She continued her patrol on the apartment complex  grounds and I took my smoke and thought:

"Oh man, a security guard need to patrol the area? Is it really that bad here?"

The next morning I called the guy owning the apartment and asked him about why there was security and if I should be worried, since I wasn't used to have someone guarding my door (still isn't!).

"No, its fine. The home owner association  got a good deal with a security company and the guard can do some janitor duties while on patrol, saving us some money."

The more I thought about it, the better that deal sounded - For a slight bump in rent money I got someone watching the apartment, making sure nobody breaks in to me or my neighbors place and by being present at night time the security is a simple way to prevent property damage (graffiti, vandalism). Lower cost than Government police and watching over me and my property way more. If one of the security guard kills a person they are supposed to protect, we can pick a competing company and give the old one the finger and a lawsuit -  Something you can't do with a government police force.

Here is a neat video on the same subject, from the Tom Woods show (11:12min) which I can recommend wholeheartedly. The guest he is talking to, Tate Fegley, has a great short talk (13:25min) on Mises Media's youtube channel going over a few points of privatized crime and punishment. 

       -- Alex Utopium --  [Minds] [Twitter] [Blog] [Steemit]

Thank you so much for reading this short essay! If you liked this one maybe this one (steemit) about money and an anecdote from restaurant business is something for you. I have also written a piece about how (wordpress) the Conservative Party in #sweden is sliding their police politics into a more totalitarian direction.


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