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The legendary pirate Francis Drake made a living looting Spanish ships, disrupting the trade routes between the old and new world with his piracy. This was all under contract by the British government and that contract had a royal signature - Francis Drake was "their" sea dog, their extended cannon and sable of the state. To the Spanish government he was a menace they sought to take out. To the British he was a hero and honorable. 

"There is plenty of time to win this game, and to trash the Spaniards too" - Francis Drake

There is no pirates like your own, right? If someone is on your side, you accept a behavior you wouldn't accept would happen to yourself - In the case of Drake, he was fighting "the other side", helped his nation compete through dirty deeds to forward the agenda of the Crown. You can dress it up in the prettiest of words and tell your tale from your perspective all you want, but the actions done speak for themselves: Drake was stealing goods and murdering people. Him being on "your side" doesn't change these facts.

By looking at history, you can see the same kind of patterns over and over again. Through looking at yesterdays happening and fit those concepts into the frame of today you discover something very sinister....

Today's military forces have access to more sophisticated weaponry than the days Francis Drake sailed, but the end result of the actions is the same - Theft and murdering. Just because the military is doing something under your flag doesn't magically make the actions themselves right. Funding from the military forces is through taxation of the population and is presented as "defense of the nation". 

Any rational human understand the concept of self-defense, leading us to make the connection that military is self-defense on a larger scale: Other nations have military of their own and it would be in our own best self-interest to have an opposing force that could stop those seeking to hurt us.  Sadly, many times this is not how armies are used, they are often sent outside the border to "protect" us from threats far away. Or by virtue of helping "our" allies in their mission to keep the alliance intact. This is the way that the elites separate the power from the ones funding the platform, muddling the lines and create an overview that is getting more and more complicated to follow.


Norway might regret their part of the Libya conflict, but those 588 bombing missions in Libya happened. Did Jens Stoltenberg, who was the Norwegian prime minister and leading the country at the time of the bombings, get rewarded with a job as Secretary General for these bombings, or as a sum of the things Norway has done  for the military alliance under his command, or something completely different? On this we can only speculate.

What we do know, is that Norwegian taxpayers had to foot the bill for bombing a foreign country - Clearly not in self-defense purposes, but, for a different agenda.

There is no pirates like your own, right?

--- Alex Utopium ---

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