Surprised there are no flags on this.

"Flag on the play!" I'm fine with someone from Steemit yanking the duplicates, since apparently I can't do it myself.

If it happens again, just hit refresh and the check your post, comment or whatever. I found that it will post but act like it didn't. Then just delete the duplicate.

I've seen it by others too maybe it's a fault of the system look here
I can't imagine someone doing that on purpose let alone two people doing that on purpose.
Just saying ;)

It's been happening to me, sort of. I click on the 'post' button to publish the post, and some error message pops up, saying something about the server timing out (can't recall exact message). But in actuality, it is publishing, and the error message is itself in error. But if you don't know that you'll keep clicking the post button, which is what I did initially till I figured it out.

Aha just like I thought. Thanks for the reply, it may save many people flags and rep scores etc.

Crap, that was by accident! And now I can't make the repeats disappear. Oops.

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