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Most people believe that anarchy is chaos but that isn't necessarily true. Anarchy is a description of how sovereigns interact outside of the rule of law of a State but not without natural sociological rules.

Anarchy begins with the concept of Sovereignty. But Who or what is a sovereign?

Anarcho-Capitalists believe that each person is an Individual Sovereign Entity who can privately own everything he can personally control and no other Sovereign Entity has the Right to use force against him to take that which he controls.

Anarcho-Communists believe in the opposite that people can own nothing except that which he can hold or reasonably need to survive and that the "Group" as a whole is sovereign.

Statism in the United States is a combination of both, where the group is sovereign but people have rights regulating the use of force.

Any definition of Anarchy must include a part of it being how sovereigns interact outside of the structure of a State - in a state of Anarchy. International law has no enforcement capabilities except for war between each other and that's just how the Globalists like it.

Of course this is all theory, nothing is absolute but I was wondering where we can find examples of either type of Anarchy in de facto operation and this is the result of my observations.

Today's Globalists are operating like Anarcho-capitalists who have a self-perceived total hegemonic ownership of their own "jurisdiction" within specific legally described territorial boundaries called their country. I believe they use to be called Monarchs and Emperors but today they are simply called Global Corporate Owners.

They hate the real sovereigns (the shareholders) who tax their income, and they love the locals who provide exclusive cheap and skilled labor. Hence the North American Hegemony's interest in the Trans Pacific Partnership. The TPP, was hatched and lobbied for by some really evil people.

Ashton (Ash) Carter, who was interviewed in the attached CFR Video discussion With Richard Haas of their screening of the Vice - HBO Special - Vice: A World in Disarray; which is about Richard Haas New Book of the same title sin Vice, was quoted as saying the U.S. could exchange a carrier group for TPP approval and ratification and it would be worth it.

Anarcho-Capitalism is already functioning on the Globalist Scale and ordinary people are their pawns.

American Multicultural Nationalism is how “We the People” fight the Empire. The elite call it populism and really despise it. The United States has barely seen any quarter from the non-stop protests fomented by the useful idiots of the left causing the weak-minded on the right to stand up and defend the putrid memories of white supremacy.

Showtime's Homeland explains what is going on. Last week it was Russians this week is Racism. Creating distractions and chaos:

I'm not in Favor of Globalism in the sense of how it's practiced between competing globalist agendas; agendas that put the United States on par with other countries or worse collude against us.

For ordinary people Protectionism is necessary when nations compete unevenly with regards to unbalanced statistics summarizing remuneration for labor in any given market.

True Globalism eliminates national borders; but Hegemonic Global Players seek cheap skilled labor making China so popular in the past which has created Chinese Globalists within the communist state. The competitiveness of the Chinese will soon wane and even they will be looking to outsource labor.

That's the attraction the non-Chinese Hegemonic Globalists have with the TPP; to lock up (lock in) other Asian Countries to prevent China's Hegemony from availing themselves to outsourcing their increased needs for cheap and skilled labor in the future.

In essence Today's Hegemonic Globalists are not in favor of borders due to national protectionism and taxation but enjoy the exclusionary benefits the cheap skilled labor can provide for Multilateral Trade deals that exclude blacklisted foreigners.

They are truly evil.... but that brings me to a point which I've made about the fact that 'bad and good' actually do NOT exist outside of the framework of law or the rule of law. It's not a Socialist or capitalist mantra – it is pure logic regardless of economics.

So when you’re running around town attending meetings, conferences and debates focused on Anarchy and Capitalism, remember, it takes a few billion dollars or an Idea so revolutionary, in order to join the actual An-Cap club and to get on the list of attendees at the next Bilderberg group convention. But you can start at the entry level, get an invitation to the CFR Journalist Club and work your way up from there as a foot soldier in the current anarcho-army supporting your favorite Anarcho-Capitalist company…..

And you thought they’d just let everyone become Anarcho-Capitalists just like them when there can really only be One and everyone else is their subject.

Richard Haass: an American Diplomat has been the president of the Council on Foreign Relations since 2003 and is the Author of 12 Books of which 11 deal with foreign policy. He was a special assistant to President George HW Bush and a member of the National Security Council. He has advised presidents from both sides of the aisle and has a doctorate in Philosophy from Oxford University.

Ashton Baldwin "Ash" Carter: was the Secretary of Defense under President Obama and assistant Secretary of Defense under President Clinton. He is an American Physicist, Professor at Harvard, and a Rhodes Scholar. He has a minor in Medieval History, and did his doctoral work in Nuclear Quantum Theory. Mr. Carter, was awarded a DOD Distinguished Public Service Medal, the CJCS Joint Distinguished Civilian Service Award, and the Defense Intelligence Medal; all which should prove him wicked smart.

Official White House Photos by Pete Souza - Public Domain.

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Really interesting article @adconner. I'm still processing at the moment, as there is a lot to process here. I may check in again with a few questions.

Thought provoking. Of course, a globalist government could become oppressive like any other system. It's all in the implementation and whether it protects individual sovereignty.

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Individual sovereignty depends on any particular individual being able to field an army and win. That's where we get Monarchies from.

The US government is sovereign and must protect rights as outlined in its constitution.

If you read Hass book it delves into the concept that governments' have an inherent responsibility to protect its citizens' rights as well as provide services and suggests that international club (UN) should take proactive measures against despotic regimes.

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