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All throughout human history, separation between the masses has always been implemented. People have allowed themselves to be categorized by the system into social classes, religious classes, racial classes and more recently, identity classes. The social engineers and cultural editors of society have managed to set themselves up as the authority through this proccess, while we the people squabble amongst ourselves. Almost everything in society has been manufactured toward this divide and conquer tactic, with a clear purpose to create hostilities and disunity, on top of that, you also have an economic system in which people thrive from greed and suffer from honesty. When your own neighbor has been pitted against you in this system, what hope remains for unity?


White power? Black power? Right wing? Left wing? Muslim? Catholic? Etc, all of these ism's that have been created, have been done so to pigeon hole you, to categorize you into a sub culture that has pre determined rules and certain social constraints... for an example, you may have been told that your ideologies are aligned with socialism, so you go and try to identify yourself among other socialists, now you are expected to adopt certain view points that come with that sub culture, likewise, you are expected to hold certain biases that define you as a socialist. All this has done is enslave you, its a trap. These sub cultures have been given to you by the elites, through the media and education system. They are designed to keep the people fighting the people.


Nothing strikes more fear into the hearts of your oppressors and the global elite than people power. Dont be an ism, ism's are for slaves. ism's are for people who have been taught from a very young age to not be different, to not stand out and to fit in. the last thing the elites want, is social awareness, community power and solidarity. Nothing makes government more redundant than people power. Dont be an ism, be an individual and love your neighbor.

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What about anarchism?


mainstream anarchism is nothing more than capitalism with the absence of regulation and responsibility. Real anarchy (in my eyes at least) is completely different. Anything that keeps you within the left right paradigm is slavery


Real anarchism is still an ism.

Great post, @activist-news! I agree that the Powers That Be use the "divide & conquer" strategy to their great benefit. Problem is, any time you buy into a false "us-them" dichotomy, you are giving your power away. The more divided the people are, the more distracted they are from what is really going on. But this strategy has been used on us so well and for so long, most folks don't know any different. It's really easy to fall into the blame game, especially when our culture rewards us for it - we see it everywhere: in mainstream media, in local & national politics, even at the family dinner table.

Ultimately, people want the same essential things: to live & prosper in peace and happiness with their loved ones. Yet, we are encouraged to create political litmus tests for others to judge whether or not they are "worthy." The real disagreements, underneath all the bs is really just about how to implementation, not goals.

Yep. People naturally want to be accepted in a group. But so often, this compels them to conform. Conformity is the delegation of your own intellect. It is subjugating your mind for another's. The next step in our evolution as a human society is to see through that peer pressure and go exactly where logic leads us. Intellectual honesty. It's not a new concept, but perhaps it will finally enter the mainstream.